Tips for the Cruise Ship or any Buffet Meal

There are many strategies for buffets & having a plan can give you a wonderful tool to navigate. Cruise ships are a little different because unlike a restaurant at home, this one is readily available almost all day long!

⭐️⭐️Remind yourself that just like at home, PORTION control is key to success!⭐️⭐️

⚓️🍴1.  Consider how many days you are onboard the ship. Why?  So you can take a moment to consider how many times you may eat in the buffet area vs. the main dining room or other places onboard the ship. Then, you can pace yourself & remind yourself that you’ll have ample opportunity to try the various offerings over the course of your cruise. Many items are repeated daily. Simply ask someone who works in that restaurant what food is served when. The first day, when you board is a good time to do this.

⚓️🍴2.  Bring some fruit back to your room from the buffet. There are usually whole fruits like apples & bananas that you could keep for a quick snack.

⚓️🍴3.  Earn some steps while you eat by only getting one course at a time. Start with your salad & then go back for your main course, then a piece of bread, then dessert, etc. Remind yourself that you do not need everything at one time.

⚓️🍴4.  Pretend it is a wedding buffet and just take a spoonful of everything. You can track those blt’s (bite, taste, licks).

⚓️🍴5.  Start with a small portion of the item you are trying. You can always go back to get more if you think it is really worth it. This is especially true with the beautifully presented desserts (which are always as good they look).

⚓️🍴6.  I like to utilize my two-bite policy while onboard. Why?  Because two bites might be all you really need.

⚓️🍴7.  Take a quick photo of your plate so you can track it later with your best guestimate.

⚓️🍴8.  Try to make a balanced plate!  A bit of salad, a bit of protein, some veggies or fruit. It is nice & easy because you didn’t have to shop for it or prepare it!

⚓️🍴9.  If there is a particular food you need or have a dietary concern, talk to the buffet manager (or dining manager) on day 1 when you board to see what special arrangements can be made. The cruiseships can accommodate many requests, but not everything. It also means that you may just need to wait or be patient or come at an off-time depending on what your requests are.

⚓️🍴10.  Generally, it is more relaxing to eat in a restaurant onboard like the main dining room or a specialty restaurant or even order room service. Also, letting someone else get your food helps with portion control (although the waiters will bring you as much as you want).

🛳⚓️⭐️Extra tips:⭐️⚓️🛳

Wash your hands after getting your food & touching all the tongs.  They’ll offer you antibacterial when you enter, but a quick wash (or more purell) post-food gathering is a good idea

If you are traveling with others, alternate having one person go get the table, especially at peak times when tables are at a premium

Be mindful & take it your beautiful views while you eat. Savor the moment, not just the food

😊Hope some of this helps out when you are faced with several days of knowing the buffet is just a few steps away! 🍎🍴

👉👉Please share some of your best cruise buffet or buffet tips in the comments below. 👈👈👈


  1. These tips are great! I am going on my first cruise next month. I know all of the food choices will be overwhelming, but I will make sure to keep this handy! Thanks so much💗 meehan22 on WW connect:)

  2. It’s me, it’s me…. AuburnCathy or I’m pretty sure you recognize my WW username 😜 I jumped on Connect just to check on you and saw this blog!! 😍 It is going to be the best ever!! So proud of you! Woohoo on the 47 gone too!!

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