Air Fryers Are Easy Bake Ovens For Adults

👩‍🍳I am now a proud member of the air-fryers of the world!

3/18/17 EDIT:  I am now the proud owner of 2 air fryers! Both Farberware.  I bought the larger version of this which has a digital screen.  I plan to write a review very soon after I have used it for a little longer.  It is cooking great, just like this one.

Today, I got to know my new toy, I mean, gadget, I mean appliance.

😂Air Frying feels like an Easy Bake Oven for Grown ups.😂

-Miss Mindful Sparkles


It was just so cute and fun to use.  Cleaned up easily & made cooking in it a lot of fun!

👏After a full day of trying a variety of things, I would say that I really do like it.  I was hesitant to purchase it as I really don’t do ‘fried’ food per se with my more mindful way of eating, but I do cook with all kinds of oils, so I suppose this is similar to what I was already doing in a fry pan or baked in an oven.  I think over time, I will know the best uses for it, but as of today, I am just a beginner.  😉

🍽I would say that I didn’t ‘fry’ things during my trials, I would say that I roasted or baked things today in mini-batches.  I didn’t bread anything, but that will be another day.  But things crisp up nicely in this mini-convection oven for sure.  It is about knowing the temperature that works for what you are working on.

📲Future posts will cover individual recipes about my new adventures in Air Frying, but I wanted to share my appliance review first.

Today I made 🍗chicken cutlets (like roasted, but totally perfect and juicy), 🥔potato chips (good, but wayyyy too much work), 🍎apple chips (an epic fail and I will need to try again), and probably my favorite thing today, was a 🍳fabulous frittata!  That was Nom Nom Nom.  Sometimes I did a control group experiment with cooking half in the air fryer and half in my toaster over on its convection setting.

☀️I am very excited to have a new gadget to use in my kitchen to help keep things fresh and new in the cooking department. I will never be a natural cook, but as part of my lifestyle change after losing -47 pounds, I am always trying to see if I can up my game in the cooking department.  When I make food at home, I can control exactly what I eat.  I also have 3 kids and a husband who may want to eat occasionally….so, cooking is necessary for my ever-evolving mindful journey.  I need to experiment to see what is best made in this appliance.  But now that I have dipped my oven mitt in the Air Fryer Pool, I totally get why people like it.

👩‍🍳Air Frying Makes Cooking Feel More Accessible👩‍🍳

🔷Air Fryer Pros & Cons Appliance Review 🔷

This is my model, the Farberware Oil-Less Fryer

$79 at Walmart

This is also available at Amazon, but more money.  Only order it there if you cannot wait for it to be back in stock at Walmart.

I started with this one because if I didn’t like the gizmo, I didn’t want to be out more money.  If I do end up using it all the time, I can afford to either buy a second one or upgrade to a larger model.


☑️Great Price!👍

☑️So Easy to Use. 👍

☑️Clean up was sooo easy.  The instructions indicated that I should use a soapy paper towel or just a paper towel to clean it up and that is what I did.  Last night, I did run the basket and the pan in the top rack of my dishwasher.👍

☑️Trusted Brand Name – Farberware has been around forever👍

☑️Quick Reference Guide on the side of the machine is a nice touch in case you don’t want to look up the times or temperatures👍

☑️Size is really good.

☑️Big, but not too big.  Fits under my cabinets as it is not too tall.  👍My husband called it a Coffee Maker Oven and I agree that it is like a puffy big coffee maker size.  LOL!

☑️Holds a decent amount – it held 4 regular sized apples, so if you have 4 apples at home, you can get an idea of how much the ‘fry’ basket holds.👍

☑️And most importantly, it cooked my food very well.  I followed basic instructions and everything came out as directed.👍


🔻My biggest complaint is that the Temperature controls are not clear…there isn’t even an even amount of degrees between the numbers listed, so it is hard to know if I am cooking it at the correct temperature.  This would make me want a digital temperature control, for sure….but it’s fine and I will get to know it over time.👎

🔻I do not like the ticking timer…👎the ding bell is fine, but I hate tick tick tick.  There is a white noise that the machine makes, so it kind of gets drowned out in that sound, but I prefer a quiet timer.  ⏲

✅✅✅But that’s it.  I really liked it overall and loved the easy clean up!  Wahoo for something new and fun!😃😃😃

What new gadget has made cooking fun for YOU lately?

Feel free to share in the comments section.


  1. Hi, Gloria – The digital version fits about 6 chicken legs. I am currently using both of my air fryers when I cook larger amounts. I also sometimes use a small wire rack with veggies on top and meat on the bottom. You may need to make two batches depending on how much you want to make…but it is faster than oven cooking, so that needs to be taken into account. I am cooking for a family of five. Having two $99 air fryers instead of 1 more expensive brand is a good solution as well. Our chicken and beef dishes have never been so juicy! So – not sure you want to buy two, but you could start with one and see if you enjoy using the appliance. I use them both several times a week. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi
    I am trying to do weight watchers online, it is so hard trying to cook for myself, husband and daughter. I am thinking about buying the air fryer at Walmart .
    Is it big enough to cook for the entire family?

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