Disney World Visual Snack Guide

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Or a thousand calories.

Or a thousand SmartPoints!

EDIT:  Please note that the points in this post were calculated in 2017 before Freestyle, but this visual guide still offers you a great idea of what to expect when you run into all these goodies in Disney World.

I am a visual person, so having pictures saved in the photos app on my phone helps me quickly see and access a snack I might come across.  Also, things change all the time in the wild world of packaged foods, so always double check the current point value and portions of whatever snack you pick up while in ‘the World’.

This post focuses exclusively on Weight Watchers SmartPoints Values for snacks and foods found in Disney World gift shops that contain nutrition information on the packaging.  When I am in Disney, I am always on a never-ending treasure hunt for the latest and greatest Disney treats. Knowing your options is key to managing your weight & data is power, so the more I know, the better I can plan around my preferred indulgence.  Disney does not publish too much about the exact caloric content of their restaurants, so I usually guesstimate those like I would at any restaurant.  I will cover other food on Disney properties in other posts.

I will do additional snack guide posts as I analyze other snacks found on my annual trip.

Click on an image below to see it in a larger format, and if that isn’t big enough, just click on the text in the lower right hand corner that says, “View Full Size”.  You can usually save any photo by right clicking on your mouse or using ‘buttons’ on your mobile device (you can always goggle how to save a picture for your specific device).


Disney World is one of my family & my favorite places to vacation.  We go for the parks,   resorts, and the complete immersion aspect of a Disney vacation.  Three cheers for vacation in the Mickey Mouse ‘bubble’!  It is not all about the 4 parks.  Disney has 21 resorts and endless ‘experience’s, so that is why, in 2010, we decided to purchase the Disney time share called the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  We could use our ‘points’ every year or bank them for one year and borrow from a future year…but we usually go once a year.  My 3 kids are always a different age when we go, so the trip takes on a different form each time.  I totally forget about the regular world for just a little while when I am in my happy place.




  1. The best things I learned at Disney is that you can bring in any food you feel like carrying around all day 🙂 and every place that sells food, will give you free cups of water. Staying on plan in the park, for those why truly want to, is doable!

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