Air Fryer “Eggs”periment: 4 Eggs Put To The Test 🍳

Here’s a bit about my Air Fryer “Eggs”periment!🍳

4 eggs put to the test in my new Farberware Air Fryer!  I think it is important to learn the basics of a new appliance before you branch out and try something fancy with it.  I am also on a mission to see if air fryers really live up to all the hype. Experimenting with all different kind of foods will tell me if this appliance will just be another gadget to me or will I not remember how I lived without it!

🥚Quick & Painless Eggs🥚

  1. Add Eggs to silicone egg cups
  2. 4-6 minutes at 400
  3. No oil!

👩‍🍳I feel that the 1 scrambled egg was the best, but all the eggs were so good! The baking cups crisp up the edges of the scambled the most. (always adjust cooking time to your particular machine).

The other eggs were: 1 oz egg whites, 1 oz egg whites with chives and red onions, 1 regular egg cracked directly into the silicone cup.

The air fryer seems like a great way to cook fresh food for a picky group of eaters. Egg cups can be made in a muffin tin in a regular oven, of course, but this was a fun ‘egg’speriment just in case you do not want to go to the trouble of turning the oven on.

✅I am starting to really like my air fryer. If this keeps up, I might be making plans to upgrade to a larger size so I can make more in each batch, but this size just might be enough…but I am glad I am ‘experimenting’ in this smaller one because clean up is quick & easy, like these eggs. 👍😊

Look for more Air Fryer Posts soon!  I am getting totally addicted to seeing what I can cook quickly & with a little extra crisp!  I am ‘egg’ceptionally pleased (pun intended) with these results.

Comments? Ideas? Thoughts on this post?

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