Air Fryer 1-2-3 Shrimp Melt

⭐️This is certainly air fryer week in my house this week! ⭐️
It’s like getting a new car and you just want to keep taking it out for a spin!

I am sure I’ll get back to other parts of my life after I become the complete master of this air fryer!

👨‍🍳Easy, quick 1-2-3 shrimp melt for one? YES, please!👩‍🍳

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes at 370
WW SmartPoints: 2 sp (but can change depending on the type of cheese you use)

1. 🍤SHRIMP: Pick up some of that shrimp cocktail (pre-cooked shrimp) at the market, but get the pack that doesn’t come with the cocktail sauce.
2. 🍅SAUCE: Can of Diced Tomatoes, but you’ll only need 1 cup
3. 🧀CHEESE: I used 1 oz of Trader Joe’s Light Mozzarella but any cheese will do

1. Spray small baking pan with Canola Oil Spray or similar kind of spray.
2. Preheat pan in air fryer for a few minutes at 370 while you prep everything else.
3. Cut Tails off cold, cooked shrimp. Measure out 3 oz serving.
4. Have cheese & 1 cup of diced ready.
5. Take basket with pan out of air fryer
6. Add shrimp to the bottom of pan.
7. Pour diced tomatoes on top and mix a little bit so the shrimp are immersed.
8. Add cheese to top of mixture.
9. Bake at 370 for approximately 5 minutes, but depending on your unit, check after 3 minutes. Mine took 5 minutes at approximately 370 (not sure as the dial is hard to read). I have a Farberware one that is cooking beautifully.

💠Optional: You could add seasonings to the diced tomatoes or some small veggies, but this is small pan and it will affect the cooking time. If you want to add more veggies, I recommend cooking them in the air fryer with the diced tomatoes for a few minutes before adding the shrimp & cheese. The shrimp is already cooked so you are in essense, warming it up to make a mini-shrimp ‘parmesan’ .

Enjoy immediately! ♨️Totally QUICK, EASY, and DELISH!♨️

👩‍🍳Could this be done in a toaster oven? Yes. I have done something similar before, but I usually over do the cheese or overcook the shrimp. This came out signifcantly better for me in the air fryer and somehow, it tastes more flavorful!!!!!

I love this Farberware 3.2 quart model, butI need a digital readout, stat!!!!
I am managing as you have to check things anyway, just like any other cooking.
I am already researching larger units, but I will be keeping this one as I think 2 may be better than one anyway!

Small baking dish is Wilton brand and was purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $4.99.


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