Mindful Strategies: Why Do I Track My Food Everyday?

❇️I used to dread tracking until I realized that it wasn’t a chore, it was a lifesaver! ❇️

TRACKING every bite in my Weight Watchers app has made all the difference. There are many apps out there or just use paper and pencil, but knowing what you ate today can be the difference between success and failure in the weight loss universe!

🤔So, Why do I track every single day?

💠Because I know what not tracking looks like (see 2009)
💠Because it is the BEST of all the tools for helping me eat all the foods I want to eat, be satisfied, & NOT gain all the weight back.
💠Because tracking gives me data and since data is power, I get to have power over what I eat.
-This helps me be in charge of the food instead of feeling like the food has a magical power over me.
-Tracking Data can help me figure out WHY I gained, maintained, or lost weight….the memory of my last 7 days is just not reliable.
-Tracking Data is another way of journaling and chronicling our journeys.
💠Because tracking tells me if I moved today. 128 steps or 10,000? What DID I DO today? Tracking tells the tale even when I cannot tell it myself.
💠Because tracking helps us make informed, really great decisions about whether we want to have that extra helping or special dessert or not. If we didn’t track all our foods, then how can we truly know if we can have that extra cookie or even a 2sp snack?
💠Because when I track, I feel IN CONTROL of my food destiny!
💠Because when I track, I can see the flaws in my meal plan & save time and money by streamlining my choices.
💠Because when I track, I can use the tracker and points system to MY advantage for MY life! I do not have to fit into some pre-set, restricting diet plan, I track because I get to decide that I want half a Hershey bar today and a yummy omelette tomorrow.
💠Because when I do not track, my body knows anyway – so why not have the data to go with those calories?
💠Because I have tracked my way to a -47 pound loss & if a system isn’t broken, I am not going to fix it.
💠Because you will get used to tracking. It is very routine now after 15 months on SmartPoints.
💠Because I deserve to be in control of what I eat and tracking gives me that strength and adds to my willpower!
💠Because tracking is empowering & is like a secret willpower weapon against all those unknowns out there.
💠Because I am worth fighting for and if tracking my food for the rest of my life is something I have to do not to succumb to the evils of obesity, then So. Be. It.

❗️❗️I choose to track because there is no tool as powerful as your own data!❗️❗️

👍Be strong today! Use every single tool at your disposal!📲💻🏋️‍♀️🚶🏃‍♀️💃🕺

What does your before, during, and after photo look like?
Let’s do this, people! We are sooo worth it!

Here’s a little #throwbackthursday photo comparison that would not have been possible if I had not been tracking my food since January 2016. I do these side by side photos to help me stay accountable to myself. Looking back once in a while reminds me not only how far I have come in my weight loss efforts, but how much I strongly I want to maintain my loss.

2009: Headed out to a holiday party and HATING my outfit.
2017: Today. Loving whatever I put on…even horizontal stripes and a clingy turtleneck!

Side By Side Comparisons Help Me Stay Accountable
Side By Side Comparisons Help Me Stay Accountable



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