Air Fryer Chicken Kebabs 🍡 in 20 Minutes or Less!

Mmmmm. Kebabs are great on a grill, but how about the air fryer? Oh, yes! Totally possible & delish! Enjoy as an appetizer, side, or as the main meal! Easy to make & fun to eat!

Air Fryer Chicken Kebabs 🍡

🔹Prep Time: 10 minutes
🔹Cook Time: 15-20 minutes @370
🔹SmartPoints (per skewer): 3
🔹Serves: 4 (with 1 skewer each)


  • Thick Chicken Breast cut into 2oz. squares (approx 24 oz)
  • 1 large Red Onion cut into large pieces (approx 1 cup)
  • 1-2 Bell Peppers cut into large pieces
  • Olive Oil (or similar) spray
  • Optional: Any seasonings. I used garlic powder & a pinch of salt.
  • Optional: Your favorite BBQ sauce

1. Spray skewers & wire rack with a quick spritz of olive oil spray (this can be done without the rack, but cooking time may need to be adjusted & you may need to flip them once.)
2. Add pieces to skewers. 3 pieces of chicken on each plus onions and peppers.
3. Brush or spray with olive oil & add your preferred seasonings. I used a pinch of salt & a few shakes of garlic powder.
4. Place on prepared rack & cook for 15-20 minutes at 370. No flipping or turning.
5. Remove rack and drawer when finished and let meat rest for 3-5 minutes.
6. Remove from skewers using tongs and enjoy with your favorite side dish or on top of a salad (cauliflower rice or brown rice or my sir fryer spicy zoodles)

Enjoy something that tastes almost like it was grilled, but without the actual grill!  Easy to make! Fun to eat!  Healthy meal!  This is my kind of dinner!



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  2. Posting my comment on your “rule” thoughts here. I know you get so many notifications now! 😳 I don’t see how you keep up like you do!! And I hope to get an air fryer soon!! Been crazy with trip to see Millie and new grand due in June so parties bc they live closer and our oldest is moving to Atl and her hubby graduates with his MBA in May! Even though our kids are “gone”, I still go round and round just in a different way! 🤣. Appreciate you so much Sheri!!
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