Iced coffee

COFFEE MENU: Iced Mocha with Real Cream

Welcome to the inaugural post marking the beginning of my personal COFFEE MENU posts where I will share some of my favorite coffee, tea, and hot chocolate creations. Todayโ€™s special? Iced Mocha with real cream
Food is not just sustenance, it is an experience for the senses. We eat with out eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ first…

De-Stress Kit

De-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to Soothe & Calm

De-Stress / Anti-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to soothe and calm yourself in times of emotional frustration or stress. ย I was inspired after a recent Weight Watchers meeting on Emotional Eating. ย The best takeaway idea was to create a bag or kit of things to keep yourself busy and distracted in times when you’d prefer to be eating your frustrations instead. Being mindful of our needs during an emotional moment is key to staying on track.ย