De-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to Soothe & Calm

Ta-Da! Sheri’s De-Stress Kit (aka do-something-other-than-eat-kit) De-Stress / Anti-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to Soothe & Calm yourself in times of emotional frustration or stress.  I was inspired after a recent Weight Watchers meeting on Emotional Eating.  The best takeaway idea was to create a bag or kit of things to keep yourself busy and distracted in times when you’d prefer to be eating your frustrations instead.  Being mindful of our needs during an emotional moment is key to staying on track.

✳️After much thought, I have created my own De-Stress Kit that I can use instead of reaching for food.  I considered what would personally ‘calm’ me down because when one is stressed, it is hard to consider what would truly work for me.

I realized that, generally speaking, planning, doodling, practicing gratitude, and organizing makes me happy.  This is another great life strategy to add to your anti-grazing techniques. (click on link to see my post on that subject)

So, in the heat of the moment, I am not going to have the time or patience to re-organize a drawer, but I might take a moment to

“Go Through My De-Stress Kit”  I am a big Erin Condren fan, so I pulled together some of her items that I had randomly around the house. When you order something from her site, you usually get an extra inspirational sticker or postcard, so I gathered those up as well.

✳️I used a 3-tiered plastic container that I already had stashed in my basement

(by Sterilite)  I know I bought mine at a discount store, but of course, there it is, on Amazon, so here’s the link:

Any sewing kit box or anything with a handle would be easy to fill up.  Endless choices on amazon or at a Target or Walmart or a craft store…but check out Big Lots or a similar kind of store.

✳️Bottom Layer:

  • Pretty & Colorful Pens, Markers, and Highlighters because colorful things just make me happy.
  • Pencils with inspiring words on them (again, from Erin Condren)

✳️Middle Layer:

Items to inspire me & Items that make me happy:

  • Pretty blank notebook
  • Inspirational sayings stickers & postcards
  • A write on/wipe off ‘Things I am Grateful & Thankful for’ board
  • Blank to-do list sticky pad
  • Postcards and mementos from a recent & past trips
  • Postcards from an upcoming or future vacation
  • *A go-to meal plan for dinners for a future* (this kind of thing really makes me happy!)
  • A few favorite photos of my 3 kids & husband
  • Stationery to write a note to someone else
  • Perpetual Calendar to help me think about upcoming events/dates

✳️Top Layer:

  • 1 Starbucks Via Instant Coffee Packet (Colombian flavor)
  • 1 Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee Packet
  • My 2 favorite Nespresso Pods (regular and decaf Vivalto Lungo)
  • Tea bags in my favorite flavors (regular and decaf) Twinnings Mint & English Breakfast, and Bigelow English Teatime Decaffeniated
  • Samples of Hand Lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn
  • A pin that says ‘Grateful’ (from – came in a Surprise box I bought myself)
  • Mint Flavored Gum &/or Mints – Brand is Simply Gum (no artificial ingredients)
  • Small Complement cards that I can write my kids or a friend a little ‘thinking of you note’

✳️I am sure the contents of this box will change as I find new and interesting things to put into it, but I am pleased with myself to create this for myself.  I am going to keep in somewhere in or very close to my kitchen.  I am not going to label it, as I want it to be inconspicuous.  But, I may add a quick note that says this is ‘Sheri’s Stuff’ just in case someone else finds it.

Making this box is a big time Good Choice that goes along with our two month #GoodChoicesChallenge.(click on the link to see more details on my virtual challenge)

So, what will YOU put in YOUR personal de-stress kit?Let me know in the comments because I know it will not only inspire me, but inspire others!

Rock your week!  You are in charge of your personal well-being.


  1. What a great idea! I’m definitely going to make one. I don’t think I’ll put markers or craft paper in mine, as they become just one more thing for me to do. But if I can look at some mementos that make me happy, that will help a lot. I also plan to find a very pretty box. Pretty things make me less stressed. 🙂 [bravelyrobin]

  2. I love this idea and i’m going to do this. when i’m feeling crazed, i can just go to this, and start de crazing and feeling better, thank you

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