COFFEE MENU: Iced Mocha with Real Cream

⭐️ Welcome to the inaugural post marks the beginning of my personal COFFEE MENU posts where I will share some of my favorite coffee, tea, & hot chocolate creations. ☕️

I love the ritual of drinking coffee & many warm beverages! I own a variety of coffee makers & prepare my coffee in a variety of ways. Before I lost almost 50 pounds, I baked more than I created coffee drinks. Now, the ritual of creating a satisfying beverage just makes me happy, but I need to be mindful of the calories because otherwise, one beverage could add up to a plate full of cookies anyway.

 What’s on my Coffee Menu today? Iced Mocha with Real Cream

(Photos at the bottom)

🔵 Weight Watchers SmartPoints Value: 5 (sp = Abbreviation for SmartPoints)

Mix the Ingredients:

  • 8oz of Califia Farms Mocha 🍫❄️Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk (4sp)
  • 4oz cold coffee ❄️☕️ (0sp)
  • Ice cubes (0sp)
  • 2 tbsp Reddi Whip Real Whipped Cream (1sp) (fyi: 4 tbsp still equals 1sp)


  1. 🍫Garnish with a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder for color (0sp), drizzle a half tbsp of Hershey chocolate syrup over the whipped cream (1sp) and/or a mint leaf 🍃
  2. 🔥 Heat up the coffee & Califia and pour into a mug before adding the whipped cream.

📌MEASURE for Accuracy: I have a special 2 TBSP measuring spoon I bought years ago at Williams-Sonoma. If I don’t measure my whipped cream, there will be a lot more than a serving in that cup! Most coffee scoops are 2 tbsp, so I use those as well. Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond also have options for the 2 tbsp measuring spoon. It is a worthy tool to have around as many food serving sizes are 2 tbsp.

📲I love Califia products. When I want a product with Almond Milk, I use them as I feel they are the best tasting almond milk products. If Califia Farms products aren’t available, I use other brands like Blue Diamond (especially as many of their products are shelf-stable so I keep a few small boxes in the pantry).

🤔Could you play around with the amounts of Califia to reduce the points? Of course.

🤔Could you use 1 tbsp of whipped cream to reduce the calories/smartpoints because then it comes up as zero smartpoints? Sure, but I need the 2 tbsp to complete this drink

😬The Fat-Free version of Reddi-Whip is very good, but I can no longer have artificial ingredients…and oh yeah, the real one has a lot more taste!

⭐️Over the past two years, I have more personal satisfaction in having as much of real deal food as possible.

⭐️I always say, “If I’m gonna have it, I’m gonna have it!” ⭐️I have found that sometimes, a faux version of a ‘treat’ just doesn’t cut it for me and makes me crave the ‘real’ one more.

🌈Weight Watchers is NOT a diet, so I prefer to create meals without traditional ‘diet’ foods.

🍎I do need to eat in a healthy way, though. So, that means portion control. I have experimented (and continue to experiment) with just how much of a item I actually need to be really satisfied. This is what is working for me. Find what works for you! Keep experimenting with foods and portion sizes until you are happy!

☕️❤️Food is not just sustenance, it is an experience for the senses. We eat with out eyes 👀 first…then taste 😋 & texture, etc. Figure out what works for you. Use all your available tools inspire you to find what works. Get inspired from cooking magazines, a Starbucks menu, or internet sites like Pinterest.

👍I am ALL about finding ways to enjoy my coffee! ✨☕️✨I prefer milk, but using almond milk products can save on points/calories sometimes & changes up the taste a bit!

Keep things fresh for yourself by creating your own coffee menu. 😁☕️ I look forward to sharing more favorite beverages in future posts.  Any requests for future coffee / tea posts?  Let me know in the comments!

PS: ✅ Don’t forget to vote 🇺🇸 today! (But first coffee!)



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