Stove Top Chicken Chili – Updated to Weight Watchers new Freestyle plan

Hi, everyone! Here is My Stove Top #freestyle Chicken Chili recipe….probably more of a spicy Chicken Garlic 3 bean stew, but I call it Chicken Chili. I’ll be having some today on this cold, snowy, ❄️ winter day!  I am loving the new Freestyle updates to the Weight Watchers plan.  All my previous recipes updated themselves automatically in the WW app, but the added list of zero point foods has me rethinking many of my meals.  Change keeps things fresh!

💛My version came out to 1sp per cup, 3 sp per 2 cups. This recipe yields 12 cups of my chili. Always use the recipe builder to calculate the ingredients you use. 👉The points change if I use ground turkey or ground beef…but fat content affects points, but fat also adds taste, so experiment to see what you like. 👍

💚I am not brand specific with anything I buy, but tend to buy name brands vs store brands. I rinse & drain all the beans. I also try to buy canned goods with reduced sodium or unsalted if available.

Prep time…about 15-30 minutes to add and mix and cook the basic mixture…and then simmer on medium low for 30 minutes or more.

📌Spray pan with oil spray and Brown 1 lb lean ground chicken in fry pan & set aside. I sometimes spray the top of the meat if needed. Break into small pieces.

📌In a large pot, simmer & sauté the following:

🥕Cup of each: diced onions, carrots, & celery
(I like to buy a pre-cut Mirepox mix)
Slowly add up to 1 cup of unsalted chicken broth as needed while cooking up these ingredients

(Most cans are 14-15oz)
🍅1 can tomato sauce
🎃1 can pumpkin
Fresh Garlic Cloves (I like about 10)
Dry spices I like:
Cumin, Paprika, Oregano, & Fajita Seasoning (or Chili Powder)

🥘Keep Simmering until you like the smell.

📌Next, add all 3 beans. I used black beans, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), & red kidney beans. Simmer a bit.
Add that browned chicken.

📌Simmer everything for about 30 minutes.

📌😋Eat & enjoy!!! Low or no points depending on how you make it.
You could also let this cook in your slow cooker for a few hours as these ingredients are hardy…but when I made this a few days ago, I wanted to eat it right away.

❄️This freezes beautifully, too! ❄️

📌Ways I use & enjoy the Chili:
I prefer 2 cups as an entree, but 1 cup is good as a side dish or in a pita 🥙 or mixed in with eggs 🍳 or on top of a 🥗 salad.

👉👉👉👉How do you make YOUR chili?
❤️❤️The possibilities are endless and now, almost zero or really low points!❤️❤️

Stay warm!

Stove Top Chicken Chili - Updated for WW Freestyle


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