My Basic Turkey & Chicken Meatballs aka Birdball Recipe – updated to WW Freestyle

Hi, all!  Just wanted to UPDATE the SmartPoints for my favorite basic version of turkey and chicken meatballs aka birdcalls because the points have been drastically reduced!  YAY! These were always low in points, but now with the new Freestyle plan, I get even more protein for less points! This is the new Weight Watchers Freestyle effect on my food.  Below is a 1 minute video of my simple, basic recipe for these juicy meatballs.

Basic Birdball points (always calculate your own in recipe builder)

  • 1 birdball = 0 sp
  • 2-4 birdballs = 1 sp
  • 5-6 birdballs = 2sp
  • 7-9 birdballs = 3sp

THIS is a LOT of food for the points/calories.

👍I tend to make these simple, basic birdballs often because the prep takes just a few minutes & the lack of seasonings means I can add them to anything & everything all week long.   They are ‘plain’ and ‘basic’ by design.

Basic Turkey & Chicken Meatball Birdball Recipe:

📌1 pound lean ground turkey

📌1 pound lean ground chicken

👉Mix together and divide into 12 section muffin tin (I prefer silicone)

👉Spray tops with canola cooking spray

👉Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes at 400.

✅That’s it. Easy Peasy.

😁Always calculate your own ingredients in the recipe builder based on what you used to make the product…Not on Weight Watchers?  I like the My Fitness Pal app for calculating nutrition information.

⭐️I have many versions of my birdball recipe. Sometimes I add sriracha, sometimes onions and other veggies, breadcrumbs and pecorino romano cheese, etc.   Use them to make a sub sandwich or crumble one into an egg-white omelette.  The possibilities are endless for these juicy, low calorie, low-point meatballs of lean protein power!  Let me know how you like them!  Enjoy!

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