Have a Post-Vacation Food Plan for Getting Back on Track

Pre-planning out a few food details before I went on vacation for helped me get right back on track after I returned home!

Mmmm. 😁 I completely enjoyed my Pre-Planned, Post-Vacation, 5sp (sp = Weight Watchers SmartPoints) Re-entry lunch! 3sp for 2 servings of my Stovetop Freestyle Chicken Chili, 0 sp for a Tbsp of 0% Fage yogurt, 2sp for 7 Tostitos Organic Scoops Chips, and 0sp for a bed of greens (small, sliced cucumbers, baby spinach leaves, and crunchy iceberg lettuce).

👍100% filling! 👍100% delicious!
and I can feel really good about getting back on track post-vacation.  🚢🌴😁 ⭐️ It’s not easy to return to our regular routines that we were anxious to escape from in the first place.

Creating a re-entry plan for yourself will help with the transition back to your day-to-day life.

4 Other Pre-Planning Vacation Re-Entry tips:

1. ❄️Consider freezing a few lunches or dinners for yourself in the weeks leading up to your vacation. Even one dinner 🥘 will be helpful on the week you get back from being away & it will make your life easier.

2. 🍽 Make a draft menu plan for yourself and/or your family. You do not have to plan every single meal, but even just 3-5 EASY dinners will make re-entry into your regular routine significantly less stressful. I also recommend planning one night of take-out or delivery to take the pressure off of having to cook every meal. Pick the day or night that you think will be the most challenging or when you’ll be the most tired.

3. 📆Make a date with yourself on your calendar to clean out your fridge before you go away & create your post-vacation shopping list 📝BEFORE you go away. You’ll be tired when you get back, so having the shopping 🛒 list made ahead of time will be one less thing to do upon your return.

4. 🥫Shop for any non-perishable items BEFORE you go away so you only need to run out and get fresh items. You could also choose to use a food delivery service and pre-order the fresh stuff, but I am always worried my return time could change or get delayed, so I no longer pre-order my groceries for the day I return home

Hope some of these ideas help ease your re-entry back to your regular meal routines after your next getaway!


What are some of YOUR favorite post-vacation tips?  Please share in the comments.

Here are some photos of my tasty back-to-reality lunch!


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