90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge 🔥🔥🔥

90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge 🔥🔥🔥

Looking for extra motivation to stay on track this summer?  Maybe you have fitness, weight, or other personal goals that you’d like to crush over the next few months.

Then, consider committing to a personal challenge such as this 90 Day Summer Sizzle.  My friend, Ingrid, (@ingridalifetime on Weight Watchers Internal Connect Site) and I are hosting a virtual challenge this summer to help us focus on achieving our personal short term goals.  A virtual challenge is simply about accountability.  (On Connect, my profile name is @smf160)  This post is a complement to what we have posted on the Connect site.  This challenge will run from June 1 – August 31, 2018.

🔥Set a Goal.   🔥Create an Action Plan.  🔥Select a Reward.

How do you participate?

  1. Pick at least one goal with a maximum of 3 personal goals (non-scale or scale goal).
  2. Create an action plan for yourself so you can CRUSH your goals this summer.  Goals and ideas are great, but without a plan, how will you be able to achieve your goals?  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but spending even 5 minutes on a plan will #SetYourselfUpForSuccess (Skip to the bottom if you want to see helpful planning & tracking links)
  3. Select a reward or rewards for successfully completing the challenge.
  4. Add #90daySummerSizzle to any posts you choose to share about your plan, how you are doing, or just extra motivation so we can all find them.  You can also just do this privately for yourself.

📌📌📌Challenge Tips/Info:

▪️TRACK YOUR PROGRESS:  Consider creating a grid, a chart, a tracker, a binder, a vision board, or some way of tracking your progress. (see some sample links below).  You could do something for all 90 days or divide things up into 3 thirty-day grids or even 13 weekly charts.  The idea is to be able to measure your progress.  Posting on social media helps some people stay accountable.   Find a way to hold yourself to your own plan.

▪️NEED IDEAS ON WHAT TO FOCUS ON FOR 90 DAYS? Could be to just drink a specific amount of water every day.  Maybe it is simple ‘attendance goal’ such as making it to the gym twice a week for the next 3 months.  Perhaps it is committing to tracking every day or 5/7 days a week between now and then.  Maybe you want to change/add in a new healthy habit to your lifestyle.  Or have you been putting off some home projects that would make your environment more conducive to a healthy lifestyle?  Perhaps it is 3 months of meal planning.  Maybe it is a fitness, food, meeting, posting, accountability, or mindful type of challenge.  What do YOU want to accomplish?

▪️WHY ONLY 1-3 GOALS?  The reason we suggest a maximum of 3 goals is that we want you to crush these goals and feel great about them.  Your plan to achieve your goals can be as detailed or as simple as you want, but the idea of Short Term Goals is to really break up any larger long-term goals into smaller, sustainable segments.  

▪️NEED REWARD IDEAS?  They can be big or small…but here are some thoughts:  manicure/pedicure/hair blow-out/massage appointment, visit a new park or museum, water bottle, kitchen gadget, fitness gadget, piece of clothing, shoes, bouquet of flowers or a plant, cookbook, Weight Watchers swag, movie tickets, show tickets, airline tickets, make plans to meet a friend, a weekend road trip, stationery, fancy pen, cooking class, dancing lessons, workout dvd, or online membership to something.  #Rewards #Rewardideas  If you put $1 in a jar for every day you successfully participate in the challenge, you could have $90 by the end and take yourself on a shopping spree.

Helpful Links:

📌 Here are links to 2 printable worksheets Ingrid created to help with the planning & tracking process.  One is a 90 Day Summer Sizzle Printable Tracker and the other is a 90 Day Summer Sizzle Printable Action Plan Worksheet.  Use both to help you sketch out your master plan for achieving your goals this summer.

📌 Click on this link for my personal 90 Days Grid with Inspirational Quotes with inspirational quotes I created for my own additional tracking purposes.

📌I also created two smaller files for you to play with for tracking digitally or on your own creation in Word or Google Docs,

Ideal for use with your phone or tablet. that is suitable for digital tracking within a collage app (Like my favorite, Pic Collage).

📌 I have a variety of grids in my own blog from previous challenges, so just click on this post and scroll to the bottom to see all the different versions: Ode to a Blank Grid

📌 I also found this nice printable PDF for tracking goals.  Daily Goal Tracker

📌 You can always Google the search terms:  ’90 Day Blank Grids’ or ‘Blank Grids’

EDIT:  Adding in a PDF (printable) 7 DAYS OF MOVEMENT tracking worksheet I created to track the different things I am doing each day.

I may do some additional blog posts as time permits, but wanted to wish everyone good luck!  Let’s put a little sizzle into these 3 summer months. 🔥





  1. Hi! Sorry it wouldn’t print. Which tracker had the problem? Many others have been able to print, so just let me know which one didn’t work and I will try to help or perhaps send you a direct link. Sometimes, refreshing the page can help.

  2. Thank you for this! I also love the printable links. That is most helpful. I am looking forward to setting some achievable goals this summer. I figure anything is better than what I’ve been doing.

  3. Timely! I love this. Doc wants to see me in 90 days to bring up my Vitamin D level recheck it then, cholesterol and she wants me in my 135-141 weight range (currently 145) ~ Always more motivating to do this kind of thing with others. @cindylosesit on Connect

  4. Can’t thank you enough for the printable links! I am not very computer literate and you did all the work for me! I’ll think of you every day during this challenge and appreciate how generous you are.

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