40 Day Fall Fix: Challenge Yourself To Change or Create a Habit in 40 days

🍁Let’s make it a fantastic fall with a #40DayFallFix.🍁

Who’s ready to fix/change/create a habit?

  1. Choose goal.

  2. Commit for 40 days

  3. Chart Progress

➡️Click here for a printable, pdf tracking grid


🍁A virtual challenge is where you pick something you want to personally work on for set period of time, set a goal, & choose a reward for yourself. 🍁If you are on Weight Watchers Connect, site, Use the challenge hashtag, #40DayFallFix, when you post (if you choose to post) and then we can all follow along during the challenge.  You could choose to use this hashtag on other social media sites if you so desire.  My friend, Ingrid (@ingridalifetime on Connect) and I just finished hosting a #90daySummerSizzle and we are ready for some fresh fall goals to ease our way into a successful autumn.

🍁Start date is whenever you choose to start the challenge.  Today is September 2nd, so the beginning of a month is always a good time to start something new.  Here is an article about why a 40-day challenge can be helpful in breaking a habit.

🍁We were thinking that working on PORTION CONTROL might be an excellent use of this #40DayFallFix 🍂challenge as it is a challenge with #Freestyle’s current method of tracking. We’ve come up with some participation options for you to choose from:

🛠Option A:  Choose 1 or more foods that you have ‘trouble’ managing the portions for & decide to work on finding & practicing portion control of those specific foods for the next 40 days.

🛠Option B:  Make it a properly-portioned-plate-kind-of challenge for yourself.  Review visual cues for managing portion sizes, make a chart for either each meal or each day that you ‘manage your portions’ or ‘exercise portion control’.

✳️Links for portion sizes review:

Video about portion sizes only using your hands to build your plate

or a quick primer from Weight Watchers on using your hands as measuring devices

or for another image (I saved it on my Pinterest account) on using your hands as portion control guides

🛠Option C:  Combine Option A & B

🛠Option D:  Pick another habit that you’d like to personally ‘fix’ or work on over the next 40 days.

😄😄That’s it.

➡️Remember to make your goals ‘SMART’ goals.

I wrote about it for our previous challenge on this blog if you want a refresher.  Click here for the link.

➡️Need a blank grid? Click on this link for a previous Blank Grid post on my blog for other blank grids to use (note the various updates at the bottom of the post).

➡️Click here for a printable, pdf tracking grid for the #40DayFallFix challenge

Or the Digital Image

🛠🍁🛠Let’s do a fall fix for ourselves!  Fix a habit that has been bothering you…or create a new habit to replace one that isn’t working for you.  We are all truly, better together, so let’s DO this!


  1. Thanks so much, Tammy! I hope to find more time to write on my ‘sometimes-blog’.
    I find that when we all work together, the journey is just a little easier for everyone! See you on Connect (or on here!) -Sheri

  2. Thank you so much for your awesome blog! I just found you on Connect last night and will find the fall challenge very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to help others along their own journey!

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