Cheers to New Years: Challenge Yourself to Crush Your Goals by the End of the Year 🎉


Who wants to participate in a #CheersToNewYears challenge to crush a personal goal or goals by the end of the year?  Once again, I am hosting this virutal challenge with my friend Ingrid, from WW Connect (@Ingridalifetime).  This is an easy way to motivate yourself to make good choices starting, 10/10/18 through the end of the year.

Give yourself something wonderful to celebrate on 12/31/2018!


Cheers to New Years Challenge Description #CheersToNewYears
Cheers to New Years Challenge Description #CheersToNewYears

How’s it work?

  1. ✏️Choose a realistic goal with a plan that you can conquer on a regular basis from now to 12/31/18. 
  2. ✅Check it off on a custom tracking chart, a notebook, or on a post every time you follow-through on your plan. 
  3. 🏆Cha-Ching! Choose one reward to receive at the end of the challenge or smaller rewards every 5 ✅✅✅✅✅ check marks. 
  4. 🎉Cheer for yourself & others along the way with posts or comments. Use the #CheersToNewYears hashtag if you choose to post so we can all follow along (on other social media platforms or on the internal WW site, Connect). 

🤔Can you choose more than 1 goal?  Sure…but make a ✅checklist for each goal. Tracking your efforts increases your odds of success. 

Click this link for a custom 30 Day Tracking Grid PRINTABLE file for the Cheers to New Years Challenge specifically created for this virtual challenge.

Digital Image of 30 day Tracking Grid Cheers to New Years
Digital Image of 30 day Tracking Grid Cheers to New Years

Need some ideas for personal goals? 🎈Certainly a weight loss goal is a popular choice, but you could also choose to maintain your weight through the entire holiday season! 

🎈Perhaps a non-scale goal is more obtainable. Consider upping your daily water 💦 intake, resolve to walk 🚶‍♀️a little more each day, get to the gym 🏋️‍♂️at least once a week, eat smaller portions of a specific food that is hard for you to control, get more sleep 😴 each night, turn off your electronic devices 📱 1 hour before bedtime, journal every day, or just make a list of tasks that you want to accomplish by year’s end.

🎈Ideally, just choose 1 or a maximum of 3 goals to challenge yourself with so that you can crush your goals and receive your reward.

🏆Speaking of rewards…some can be internal (like feeling fabulous about completing the plan you’ll create for yourself) or external (like a new pair of shoes 👠, a great cookbook 📔, or a spa 💜 day!).






🏆Crush your goal and celebrate 🎉 at the end of this year! Let’s cheer each other on during this holiday season with this new virtual challenge.


Sheri & Ingrid



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