Ready, Set, GOAL: Create a Goal Setting Action Plan


✏️2019 is just a few days away!  Want to make those New Year’s resolutions turn into achievable 2019 goals?  Then, it is time for a goal-setting action plan!  I have created a printable checklist and am listing several links to ‘How-to-set-goals’ articles for a bit of inspiration.  

The launch of my 2019 year of weekly challenges is about ready for liftoff, so start gathering a list of your own goals so you can pair them up with my weekly inspirations.  Let’s get ready to start 2019 organized and ready to stick to the resolutions we create for ourselves.

👩‍💼👨‍💼How to Create a Goal Setting Action Plan?

I will share what I do, but please share your methods in the comments.

  1. Set a realistic goal. No more than 3 goals at a time.
  2. Create a few action steps to make sure it is an achievable goal.
  3. Figure out a way to measure or track progress of the goal.
  4. Anticipate roadblocks to achieving the goal and pro-actively create some work-around solutions.
  5. Create an actual, physical reward for meeting that goal or establish the intrinsic rewards for following through on the plan.
  6. Sit with the entire goal and plan for a few days before the start date.  Walk through your action steps to see if you missed anything in your plan.
  7. Pick a start and end date for your plan
  8. List a motivation saying or quote to help you keep moving forward.

🔗Download my own personal Goal Setting Action Plan Worksheet with the link below (click on text and/or download button):

🔗Additional Links to How to Set Goals & Create Action Plans


Weight Loss Action Plan by Michele Staten (I like this one as it is short and to the point)

How to Set Goals by Trudy Griffin via wikihow

How to set and achieve your goals from WW New Zealand

What Makes a Goal Smart?  (a short recap of the SMART acronym by yours truly, Miss Mindful Sparkles, and has a link to a Smart Goals Worksheet)

Use this template that my friend, Ingrida, created for this 2018’s 90 day Summer Sizzle, for a little goal setting inspiration.  

Now, let’s go set some realistic goals we can crush in the new year!

Want to download the title image? Click the link below:

Share some of your 2019 goals in the comments.

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