A Year of Weekly Challenge Fun: Cajole those Goals with 61 Mind, Body, & Food-Inspired Personal Challenges

Weekly Challenge Fun:  61 Mind, Body, & Food-Inspired Personal Challenges

Personal challenges help me keep my head in the weight loss & weight management game. 

This is post 1 of 2 about the first two weekly challenges of 2019. Let’s get started with some easy goals to crush!

💠Weekly Challenge Fun:  61 Mind, Body, & Food-Inspired Personal Challenges for 2019 ✳️ Challenge 1 of 61: Make a quick list of the reasons WHY you want to set goals or resolutions at all? (scroll down if you want to skip to the rest of the challenge #1 details)

Why 61 Challenges? 

🎉 My 61 Challenges are either mind, body, or food related.  These challenges are simple and will pair nicely with any other personal goals you may have. 

🤔 Why 61? 

Well, it’s more about 52 weekly challenges with 9 bonus ones scattered throughout the beginning or end of some months.  I know that some months, we may need more inspiration than others. After almost 3 years of running these types of challenges on the WW (formerly called Weight Watchers) internal site called, ‘Connect’ and as of 2017, on this very blog, I know that mini-goals really help me stay focused.  This year of challenges was inspired by my need to keep things fresh and new all year long. Losing weight or achieving any goal is difficult, but maintaining that weight loss or attained goal is an ongoing challenge.

  • Every Thursday, I will post the new challenge.
  • Additional challenges may happen at the beginning or end of a month.
  • Modify any weekly challenge to meet your needs and/or add your own goals to the challenge. 
  • ***Use my free, printable companion monthly worksheets to create mini-action plans to crush each and every challenge***
  • Strive for doing the challenge 5/7 or 7/7 days of week. Make this sustainable for you!
  • Create a list of small weekly or monthly rewards for meetings certain milestones.
  • Track each challenge in your own calendar or use a tracking grid. See some of my previous posts on tracking grids or use the one I specifically created for this challenge by clicking the following links:

Challenge 1: CAJOLE those goals  

Yes.  Persuade or Cajole yourself to do something good for yourself. 

Making goals is the easy part, but following through is the challenge.  This first virtual challenge is quick and easy to do.

✳️ Challenge 1 of 61: Make a quick list of the reasons WHY you want to set goals or resolutions at all? Write 3 reasons minimum with a maximum of 10. This task should take 2-10 minutes.

🤔Why? Because if we write down our initial motivating factors for setting a goal, we can use it to help us persist when our motivation wanes. Trust me, we’ll all need to review this list of whys from time to time.

🔷Details:  Use my January Challenges Worksheet to create your list or jot it down in your own journal or calendar.

I created this acronym to help remember why I must always be mindful. Use it to inspire your particular list of whys for your personal goals and resolutions.

CAJOLE those Goals!







Wait! You are saying that you haven’t made a set of goals to cajole? Click on my recent how-to creating a goal setting plan post, Ready, Set, GOAL to guide you through the process (and, oh yes, I created a printable worksheet you can use to help you work out the details. )

😊🎊So, go Cajole Your list of Goals and use them to persuade yourself to take things to the next level in 2019. 

🎉So, enough chit-chat….let’s get to the rest of the challenges! Just keep challenging yourself to do a little better than you did the day before.  I know my long-range planner folks will appreciate the heads up and if you are not a future planner, then you can still enjoy a preview of the year ahead.

Weekly Challenge Fun:  61 Mind, Body, & Food-Inspired Virtual Challenges

Just keep challenging yourself to do a little better than you did the day before.  

1.         🎉A Year Weekly Challenge Fun: Cajole those Goals
2.         💦Clink Your Drink:  Water Challenge
3.        🏋️‍♀️ Improve Your Moves Challenge:  Add or Try One New Exercise
4.         ☕️ Cup of Tea Challenge:  Try Drinking 1 Cup of Tea a Day (and/or try a new tea)
5.         ✅ Streak Week Challenge:  Try or Subtract a Habit for One Week Only
6.         💘💘💘 Short Month, Quick Picks Challenge:  Pick 3 Small Goals for this week or month
7.         💝 Heart Smart Challenge:  Make 3 Heart-Healthy Choices This week
8.         💃🕺 Move & Groove Challenge:   Dance to at least 1 Song per Day
9.         🍵 New for You Challenge:  Try or Make 1 New Soup this week
10.       💡 High-Watt Squat Challenge:  Do 5 Squats a Day (or more)
11.      📊 Mindful March Challenge:  Track 7 Mindful Moments this Week or this Month
12.     👩‍🍳👨‍🍳  Stock the Crock Challenge:  Make One Slow-Cooker or Instant Pot Meal this week
13.     🍀  Make Your Own Luck Challenge:  7 Days of Positive Actions and/or Thoughts
14.       🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ March Forward Challenge:  Increase Your Steps Every Day This Week
15.      🧹 Spring Zing Challenge:  Do Fast Blasts of Spring Cleaning in 10-minute Bursts
16.      🌼  Flower Power Challenge:  Add Flowers into Your Month (Go see, Buy, Draw, Grow, etc.)
17.     🍓🍊🍒 April Showers Water Challenge:  Make some Fruit-Infused Water (or buy some)
18.      😊  Grateful April Challenge:  7 Days of Gratitude 
19.      🏡  Clean Scene Challenge:  Organize 1 Problem Area in Your Home
20.     🌳☀️  Lean & Green Challenge:  Walk in a Park or a Green Space at least 1 Time this Week
21. 🥒🥕Edgy Veggie Challenge:  Eat Vegetables Every Day (Bonus Points for Trying New Veggies)
22.      🧘‍♀️ Kvetch & Stretch:  Add or Try New Stretches to Your Routine Every Day This Week 
23.      🧘‍♂️🍃🚶‍♀️🌷 Stride Outside Challenge:  Spend at least 10 minutes Outside (Mindful or Movement)
24.      ⭐️ Gold Star Challenge:  Give Yourself & Someone Else a Virtual Gold Star for Awesomeness ⭐️
25.      📝  Track Your Snack Challenge: Track ALL Snacks for One Week
26.       🤸‍♂️Jump for Joy Challenge:  10 Jumping Jacks per Day for 7 Days 
27.       😁 Proclivity for Positivity Challenge:  Pick 1 Positive Thing You Can Do Every Day This Week
28.        🍇 Fruit Fiesta Challenge:  Eat 2 Fruits a Day or Try 1 New Fruit 
29.       ☀️🌈 Fun in the Sun Challenge:  Do/Find/Try 1 Fun Summer Activity
30.       🔥 Grill to Thrill Challenge:  Grill 2 Meals this week (inside or out)
31.       ✈️ Vacation Nation:  Create a Post-Vacation Re-entry Plan Today
32.      🇺🇸📸  America the Beautiful Photo Challenge:  Capture Mindful Moments or 🍎 Beautiful Foods Each Days
33.       🚰💧 Hydration Station:  Prep Your Water for Every Day This Week
34.       🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Thrive for Five:  Stretch for Five Minutes Every Day This Week
35.        🍽🥦 Jolly-Cauli Challenge:  Eat Cauliflower Twice this Week or Try at least One New Veggie
36.       ❄️☕️ Beat the Heat Challenge:  Try 1 New Iced Tea or Iced Coffee This Week
37.       🥰 Care to Spare Challenge:  Plan at least 1 Self-Care Activity This Week or Try for 7 Days of Self-Care
38.        🥶🍦 Freeze the Breeze Challenge:  Try/Create/Plan for at least 1 Cold Sweet Treat this week
39.     👫👭👬📲  Walk & Talk Challenge:  Get Extra Steps Walking and/or Talking with a Friend
40.       📔 Menu Venue Challenge:  Revisit or Create Menus for Holidays or Specific Weeks
41.      ⚠️  Scan Your Plan:  Prepare for All Personal Roadblocks to Success Between Now and New Year’s Eve
42.      😴 Sleep Upkeep Challenge:  Go for 7 Days of Consistent Sleep
43.      🍁🌽  Fall Food Challenge:  Plan/Create/Try 1 Meal with Corn 
44.      🚫 Shush & Crush All Your Excuses Challenge:  Create a No Excuses Policy for Yourself
45.       🍂🍃📸 Fall Foliage Challenge: Take 7 Fall Photos This Week (Bonus for Fitting in Extra Fall Steps)
46. ☠️🧛‍♂️🍭Dandy Candy Challenge:  Create A Candy Plan for this Halloween Month
47.       🛑 Graze Ways:  Share, Revisit, or Create Your Anti-Grazing Strategies
48.      🎃  Pumpkin Bumpkin Food Challenge:  Add anything ‘pumpkin’ to your meals this week.
49.      👻🥗🍗🍒 Ghoul Fuel Challenge:  Eat 7 Nutritionally Balanced Meals This Week
50.      🏴‍☠️ Walk the Plank Challenge:  Shiver Me Timbers and Try 1 Plank a Day this week
51.      ⏱🧘‍♀️  Zen for Ten Challenge:  Find 10 Minutes per Day to Mindfully Meditate Inside or Outside
52.      💦⏰  Stop, Drop, & Chug Water Challenge: This Week Only – Pick Specific Times of Day to Hydrate
53.       🦃😍 Self-Talk Turkey Challenge:  Be Kind to Yourself All Day Long 
54.      ☺️🌻 Exude Gratitude Challenge:  7 Days of Thankfulness 
55.        🥊 More Core Challenge:  Focus on Daily Core Exercises for 1 Week
56.      🎄🕎🎉 Busy Bee Three Challenge:  Name 3 Strategies You’ll Use During This Holiday Month
57.     🎼💃🕺  Sway & Play Challenge:  Create a New Year’s Eve Music Playlist & Dance to All the Songs 
58.        ↩️ Be Kind & Rewind Challenge:  Create Your Own Personal Year in Review
59.      🍫 Drizzle the Frizzle Challenge:  Try 1 New Topping or Sauce This Week
60.       🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Chime in Time Step Challenge:  Add in Extra Steps All Week Long (step in place, pace your home, etc.)
61.      🎊 Confetti Challenge – End the Year with Positivity:  Sprinkle Positivity via email, post, phone, or in person
Short Month, Quick Picks Challenge:  Pick 3 Small Goals for this week or month


Challenges are part of every day life, so I find it helpful to create my own personal challenges that simply become goals I can crush.  It is a tool that I not only find useful, but fun to create, too! Most life events are uncontrollable, but I can work hard to control my own actions. 😃The whole point of these virtual challenges to have fun while staying on track.  January 1st, 2019 is truly the perfect time to start a year-long challenge, but join in any time you want.👍👍👍 Click this link for a previous post of mine on how to make a SMART goal.

Feel free to bookmark this page because the list above will be updated throughout the year with actual links to each posted challenge.

Don’t want to miss a challenge post? Find the FOLLOW MINDFUL SPARKLES VIA EMAIL box on the sidebar and sign up with your email and you’ll get a copy sent to you every time you post.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kudos, Mary! It is my pleasure to share! Let’s crush some goals in 2019! ❤️😊

  2. This was an enormous amount of work and I have no words to tell you how much you are appreciated! Thank you keeping me focused. You are saving lives with these challenges!

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