Weekly Challenge 3 of 61: Improve Your Moves Challenge – Add or Try One New Exercise 🏋️

✳️ 2019 Weekly Challenge 3 of 61: Improve Your Moves Challenge – Add or Try One New Exercise 🏋️ 


  • To alleviate boredom
  • To be balanced in our approach to muscle use
  • To keep things fresh
  • To avoid repetitive motion injuries

🔷 Details:  

  • List the new exercise you want to try (or list more than one if you are feeling ambitious!)
  • Pick a follow-through date(s) to try the exercise 
  • List your Why for trying or adding this new exercise.
  • Track your progress in a journal or post your commitment on social media: #ImproveYourMovesChallenge 
  • Feel free to continue last week’s Water Challenge with this week’s Exercise Challenge

Download and use my January Challenges Worksheet to help you commit to a new exercise.

Download and use my 7 day tracking grid to put this week’s goal right in front of you. Keep it front and center on a bulletin board or punch holes in it and keep in a binder.

Improve Your Moves Tracking Image - MindfulSparkles.com
Improve Your Moves Tracking Image – MindfulSparkles.com

🔗Ideas for New Core Exercises

🔗4 Moves to Firming Abs on WeightWatchers.com by Jeanine Detz

🔗10 New Outdoor Workout Ideas by Jessica Smith

🔗Fitness workout for lazy new year’s resolutions ( a 7 day guide) By Katie Dunlop

🔗Best New Workouts and Gym Classes Alison Gammon, Liz Gravier, and Alanna Nunez

More Ideas for NEW exercises to try or add:

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Squats
  • Extra Walking
  • Walking Up Stairs
  • Biking or Spinning
  • Boxing or a TRX class
  • Pilates 
  • Elliptical Machine
  • New Video Workout from Beachbody.com or just Google or search YouTube.com the type workout you want. 
  • Get Active with Aaptiv – a few workouts are free to members on the Weight Watchers app (WW). This is like having a personal trainer in your headphones or on your screen.
  • Yoga with Adriene is a popular series

Let’s shake up our usual fitness routine by adding at least 1 new exercise, stretch, or movement to our activity.  This is a challenge everyone can 100% crush.  Share what YOU plan to do in the comments. How will you improve your moves this week?

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Improve Your Moves Challenge - MindfulSparkles.com
Improve Your Moves Challenge – MindfulSparkles.com

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Here is a calendar of all of the January Challenges.

January Virtual Challenges - MindfulSparkles.com
January Virtual Challenges – MindfulSparkles.com

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