S is for Cookie, S is for Sunday

S is for Sunday. S is for soothing. S is for seeking peace. S is for slowing down. S is for a slow start.

Ahhhh. Love when I can have a slow start to a soothing Sunday. Last night, I picked up this tasty Italian S cookie at the bakery of a local Italian eatery. I mindfully chose to wait until this morning to enjoy it…slowly and peacefully with a beautiful cappuccino made on my Nespresso machine.

WW Points? Well, of course, I have to estimate as I didn’t ask the pastry chef for the recipe…but I am going with 3sp for the cookie / 120 calories plus the Nespresso Cappuccino (made with 1sp / half cup / Fairlife skim milk / 39 calories).

I would say 100% worth it. I broke off little pieces and dipped and enjoyed them in the coffee. It’s a beautiful, mindful thing.

How do YOU treat yourself? Enjoy your day….mindfully.


S is for Cookie, S is for Sunday
S is for Cookie, S is for Sunday

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