Challenge 10 of 61: High-Watt Squat Challenge:  Do 5 Squats a Day

✳️ Challenge 10 of 61: High-Watt Squat Challenge:  Do 5 Squats a Day (or more)

We all need to sit…and then we all need to get up and out of the chair. We all drop things and then, we all need to squat down and pick them up. Squatting may not seem that important, but it is an essential physical move that your body needs to just go about your daily activities. 

📌Learn, google, ask at the gym, and practice good form. Start slowly and build up strength over time. 

Challenge 10 of 61:  High Watt Squat Challenge
Challenge 10 of 61: High Watt Squat Challenge

Easy Tracking: Check off each day that you do 5 squats or more:

Mon      Tue       Wed       Thurs       

Fri       Sat       Sun  

Remember to check with your doctor 👩‍⚕️ to make sure squats are ok for you, but if you are ready, this article has step-by-step instructions and a link to a how-to video. (Photo of woman squatting is from this article)

😃FORM is EVERYTHING when it comes to squats. I remember my trainer would have me do squats by sitting up and down on a box or chair. Start with more, um, butt on the chair and slowly squat closer and closer to the edge….without fully sitting….and eventually, remove the box or chair, but mimic that sitting down form without actually sitting down. It’s about getting that almost-sitting-down-stick-that-booty out method of squatting that maximizes results. 

😊Many also like to ‘Wall Sit’ in the squat position. The advantage to this is that it strengthens your core and gives you the wall as support…but no chair or box. Just see how long you can stay in a seated position without a seat. 

🤣So, let’s get our, um, rears in gear…literally! Your goal is 5 squats a day or more! 

But if you can’t do 5, do 1 well-formed squat per day. Already a major ‘squatter’? Then challenge yourself to do 2 more each day than you are already doing. Bottom line? 

Do a little better each day. This is the definition of that frequently used phrase, #ProgressNotPerfection. 

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