Spring Zing Challenge: Do Fast Blasts of Spring Cleaning in 10-minute Bursts

Spring Zing Challenge:  Do Fast Blasts of Spring Cleaning in 10-minute Bursts
Spring Zing Challenge: Do Fast Blasts of Spring Cleaning in 10-minute Bursts

Challenge 15 of 61 is here! #SpringZingChallenge:  Do Fast Blasts of Spring Cleaning in 10-minute Bursts!

It’s the end of March and tomorrow is April 1st, so it’s no joke that Spring is really here. We think about it all Winter and finally, just when we think we cannot take another Winter day, Spring officially arrives. March 20th marked the official first day of Spring, but I always associate April with Springtime. Milder temperatures and blossoming trees reminds me that old things can be new again.

The changing of the seasons is a reminder to refresh things in my home, too. Extra sunlight makes me want to go outside, but it also makes me want to make a Spring & Summer project list of things around my home. This challenge will help me dive into some cleaning tasks without spending hours organizing. Accomplishing small tasks provides inspiration to take on the larger organizational tasks at a later date.

Benefits to doing this challenge:

  • You’ll get your heart rate up for 10 minutes each time you do this.
  • You can find 10 minutes a day to crush this challenge!
  • You’ll end up with a cleaner, neater home by the end of the week.
  • It’s Spring and you know that you need to kick-start your Spring Cleaning efforts, so use this challenge to make that happen!
  • Accomplishing small tasks this week will give you items to cross off your Spring Cleaning To Do List.
  • Burst cleaning is great for those of us who like to procrastinate all cleaning tasks.

Need more convincing that Spring Cleaning is good for you? Read this blog post by from Goodnet.com.

So, set a timer on your phone or use your kitchen timer to clean something in a quick 10 minute blast OR plan out a bigger project into 10 minute increments.

Examples of quick projects:

  • Clean out your junk drawer
  • Pay that stack of bills that are sitting in your mail pile
  • Send or pre-address some birthday emails or snail mail greeting cards to family & friends
  • Put together a bag of clothes for the dry cleaner and/or tailor
  • Try on all your Spring shorts
  • Weed through all your shoes
  • Find 10 items for donation
  • Organize a jewelry box or dust/clean its contents
  • Dust the baseboards in your home
  • Refold all your towels, t-shirts, or sheets
  • Do a pots and pans inventory or reorganization
  • Neaten up all your leftover dishes or do a scavenger hunt for the lids
  • Shred old bills or no-longer-need confidential papers for 10 minutes
  • Sort through your mail pile
  • Clean out the fruit drawers in your refrigerator
  • Sort through last year’s bottles of sunscreen
  • Clean out your car or at least the trunk
  • Sweep out a room in your home that could use it (closet or garage)

So, let’s put a little zing into your Spring cleaning goals this week or month with some small 10 minute bursts of cleaning! You’ll get some extra exercise in while knocking out some much-needed Spring Cleaning tasks!

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  1. Though I am not on social media during lent, I do continue to be mindful and “on challenge”. I thought of you this morning when I was reading Ephesians 5 (New Testament bible reading) “Don’t act thoughtlessly, be mindful, understand what the Lord wants you to do.” <even in the little 10 minutes things we can be thoughtful/mindful). I love how much your "sparkles" tie in to my life.

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