90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge

#90dayReadySetSummerChallenge ☀️ Who’s ready for the 90 DAY – READY – SET – SUMMER – Challenge? ☀️ Let’s challenge ourselves to 90 days of:

1.  Making Good Choices, 2.  Celebrating Non-Scale Victories (NSV), 3.  Crushing at least 1 personal Summer Goal! ☀️ 

🏖 Many of my challenges in the past required a clear action plan, and although I strongly believe in a well-thought out plan, I wanted this summertime challenge to be easy as a day on the beach.  So, stick those toes in the sand and get ready for this easy – breezy summer challenge. Optional:  use the #90dayReadySetSummerChallenge to share your goals & efforts on social media to help with personal accountability.

Official Start date is June 1st, but you can begin at any time.

90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge 2019
90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge 2019

Need more details? Here ya go:


Track your Good Choices, NSVs, and Summer Goal progress on Connect, on a tracking app (such as Strides), or in a good, old fashioned paper journal or notebook.  Tracking is how you hold yourself accountable for this mindful, virtual challenge.

🌈 READY – SET – MORE   🌈

Need some extra challenges for the 90 days to keep yourself engaged and interested?I have created a list of 90 additional ways you can challenge yourself daily this summer. Do one. Do them all. Just keep yourself in the game of weight loss and/or maintenance all summer long.  I plan to post some or all of these on my Instagram page throughout the 90 days.

Click here the digital image below for a 90 day tracking grid or the other links for Printable color or greyscale versions

90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge Tracker
Check off each day you participate in the challenge with this 90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge Tracker

Need more ideas on the 1, 2, 3 parts of the challenge?  See below:


  • Choose to start with a small plate at buffet and then go back for more if you need it
  • Choose to bring your own appetizer to a BBQ so you know you have something low points to eat
  • Offer to make the restaurant reservation for a group dinner so you can choose a place with healthy options
  • Choose to walk a few extra minutes on a beautiful day
  • Choose to track even a BIG day of points/calories

🏆  READY – SET – NON-SCALE VICTORIES  🏆 (these could start out as Goals)

  • Fitting a booth because you’ve lost a few pounds
  • Zipping up those jeans easily when they were tight before
  • Fitting in an amusement park ride with ease
  • Walking longer this week than you did last week
  • Lifting a heavier weight than you did a month ago


  • Drink more water each day
  • Commit to tracking your food and/or fitness on an app or journal daily or 5/7 days
  • Commit to simply doing this challenge every day for 90 days
  • Commit to 90 days of a new habit (like getting more sleep or closing your kitchen earlier)Commit to trying 3 new exercises over the next 90 days (or 1 each month)
90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge Title Image
90 Day Ready Set Summer Challenge Title Imag

So, once you’ve selected your goals and a place to track your progress…

Get Ready…

Get Set…

GO crush some summer mind and body goals!

Comments? Ideas? Thoughts on this post?

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