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Hi! My name is Sheri & I do my very best to live life mindfully with a touch of sparkle here & there. I use this blog to share my thoughts on food, travel, gadgets, & the many things that inspire me such as: Disney World, Cruise Travel, Weight Loss/Maintenance, Coffee, Easy Cooking Techniques, and so much more.  This blog is a creative outlet and also a central place to find my other social media posts.

I do not have any ads or do not get any compensation for what I post.  I do not have any affiliate links.  Will I write a book someday based on my posts?  Will I expand this site?  No plans for anything like that at the moment, but the future is always unwritten.  

Hope some of my posts put your into a mindful mindset.  Enjoy!

xoxo -Sheri

aka @smf160 aka Disneylady, Weight Watchers Connect

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