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Just trying to live my life as mindfully as I can. We only get one shot at this life & I do not want to miss a thing! I lost almost 50 pounds in 2016 (and I am still an active Weight Watchers Member) and I feel great...and this feeling is not about what I lost, it is about all the perspective I have gained. My journey is always evolving, so I decided that blogging about it would be a great way to share the joy. Writing about my journey keeps me mindful! Thanks for coming along! Live Life Mindfully

What makes a goal SMART?

What makes a goal SMART? Just wanted to share some goal setting thoughts as many of us prepare for the #90DaySummerSizzle Challenge. 🔥🔥🔥  I increase my own chances of successfully crushing a goal when I take the time to make a detailed, realistic plan. But how does a plan help us crush our goals?  Starting…

What Makes a Goal Smart

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