Paris Restaurant Recap

I traveled to Paris back in April, and still have a more detailed blog post I want to publish, but someone asked me where and what I ate, so here is a restaurant recap with links & details….

🇫🇷 Restaurants and Eateries 🇫🇷

Have a Post-Vacation Food Plan for Getting Back on Track

Pre-planning out a few food details before I went on vacation for helped me get right back on track after I returned home! This post has a few tips for creating a great re-entry plan…

Life Strategies: How to Survive an Airplane Flight full of food!

Life Strategies: How to Survive a Long Airplane Flight Full of Food

💥💥It was honestly, a FOOD and DRINK FEST! 💥💥

Walt Disney World Visual Snack Guide

Disney World Visual Snack Guide

Weight Watchers SmartPoints Value for Disney World Snacks.
Servings Sizes and Calories are always changing, so always recalculate the actual item you choose to enjoy!

How to navigate a cruise ship or any buffet

Tips for the Cruise Ship or any Buffet Meal

Tips for navigating a cruise ship or any buffet.

Beat The Post Vacation Blahs by Reliving your Vacation after you are home

Beat the Post-Vacation Blahs

“I am all about having strategies for dealing with my life mindfully vs. using food to handle things mindlessly.”