Air Fryer Cornflake Chicken for the WIN!

Air Fryer Cornflake Chicken For The Win!

⭐️More juicy air fried chicken!⭐️
🍗More like ‘air-baked’ in a super juicy way!❤️

Tonight, I learned that some air fryer recipes can save me TIME & turn out just a little bit tastier!
(recipe at bottom)

😃So, Besides my delicious 2sp air fryer shrimp melt (see previous post), I also made cornflake chicken in the air fryer tonight AND the toaster oven so the family could do a true comparison. I can only fit 4 chicken drumsticks in my 3.2 quart Farberware air fryer, so I wanted to make the rest at the same time….

The family agreed that the chicken in the AIR FRYER edged out our traditional oven cooked version that I have made for years.

🤔WHY? Because the air fryer version of my traditional cornflake chicken was so juicy, it almost squirts at you! 🤣One of my kids pointed out that the cornflake crust was evenly cooked all around instead of a little mashed down and squished on one side (which when I remember to use a wire rack, I can avoid that, but I usually skip it as it would be one more thing to clean).

BUT another reason my traditional recipe gets a big plus in my book was because it only takes ❇️20 minutes❇️ in the air fryer, but it takes approx. 45 minutes at 350 in my toaster oven.

 ⏲Time saving AND juicy? Oh, yeah!


🔹Cornflake Chicken Drumsticks🔹

🔸Prep Time: 10-15 min
🔸Cook time: 20 minutes in air fryer at 370, 45 minutes in oven
🔸SmartPoints: 13sp for 2 chicken drumsticks or 7sp for 1
(always put your own info into the recipe builder for accuracy)
🔸Serves: 4 with two pieces per person


  • 8 chicken legs
  • 1/4 cup Wondra (or any flour)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 2 Eggs
  • Splash of Milk (up to 2 tbsp of skim or any milk)
  • 2 cups cornflakes (I used Kellogg’s)
  • Cooking spray or I like Canola Oil Spray

1. Spray air fryer with canola oil spray
2. Use 3 bowls for dipping the chicken into:
1. Wondra with a little salt and pepper
2. Whisk the two eggs & milk
3. Crush the two cups of cornflakes
3. Wash & Dry defrosted or fresh chicken drumsticks
4. Dip each in flour mixture, then the egg mixture, and finally, coat with the cornflakes
5. Place into air fryer leaving a little space around each one for air flow.
6. Spray the tops with canola oil spray (or similar)
7. Bake at 370 for 10 minutes, then pull out basket and flip each piece over, respray the tops and bake for 10 more minutes or until juices run clear.

🔆Then, get out a napkin because these chicken legs will be super duper juicy! Enjoy!

Additional Oven Instructions:

  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Bake 40-45 minutes or until juices run clear
  • Spray Pan with non-stick spray or line with parchment paper
  • If you have a wire rack that fits inside the baking pan, you can use that as well, but spray it first so nothing sticks to it.

👩‍🍳Someday I will leave the kitchen…someday when I get tired of air frying! Oh, my! I have been having a blast learning how to use this new gadget. I love a tool that can make my life easier and better….and tastier! Oh, how fabulous! Just had to share!

I am also sharing the almost identical Cornflake Chicken boneless thighs recipe.  Great for sandwiches!

🔹Disneylady’s Cornflake Chicken Boneless Thighs🔹
Air Fryer or Oven
(If you need a lot of them, you’ll have to make them in the oven, but the air fryer rocks and is easier to clean than a giant pan and wire rack)

🔸Serving Size: 2 pieces
SmartPoints: 8 sp for 2 thighs or 4 sp for 1 thigh
(But always calculate your own ingredients in the recipe builder as the weight of the raw thighs will vary with every package you purchase)

8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (approx 2 lbs)
1/4 cup Wondra (or any flour)
Salt & Pepper
2 Eggs
Splash of Milk (up to 2 tbsp of skim or any milk)
2 cups cornflakes (I used Kellogg’s)
Cooking spray or I like Canola Oil Spray

🔹General Air Fryer Instructions:
1. Spray air fryer with canola oil spray
2. Use 3 bowls for dipping the chicken into:
1. Wondra with a little salt and pepper
2. Whisk the two eggs & milk
3. Crush the two cups of cornflakes
3. Wash & Dry defrosted or fresh chicken thighs.
4. Dip each in flour mixture, then the egg mixture, and finally, coat with the cornflakes
5. Place into air fryer leaving a little space around each one for air flow.
6. Spray the tops with canola oil spray (or similar)
7. Bake at 370 for 9 minutes, then pull out basket and flip each piece over, respray the tops and bake for 7-9 more minutes or until juices run clear. Baking time depends on how thick they are.

🔆These make GREAT chicken sandwiches or as a main entree! Juicy and delicious! Crunchy and a joy to eat!!! YUM!!!!

💠Additional Oven Instructions:
Follow all the same prep directions…
Preheat oven to 350.
Bake 20-30 minutes or more…..or until juices run clear. Cooking time depends on thickness of the chicken thighs.
Spray Pan with non-stick spray or line with parchment paper
If you have a wire rack that fits inside the baking pan, you can use that as well, but spray it first so nothing sticks to it. Nice to flip them halfway through cooking.

Mmmm. Crispy Cornflake Chicken Thighs!

Mmmm. Crispy Cornflake Chicken Thighs!


Air Fryer 1-2-3 Shrimp Melt

Air Fryer 1-2-3 Shrimp Melt

⭐️This is certainly air fryer week in my house this week! ⭐️
It’s like getting a new car and you just want to keep taking it out for a spin!

I am sure I’ll get back to other parts of my life after I become the complete master of this air fryer!

👨‍🍳Easy, quick 1-2-3 shrimp melt for one? YES, please!👩‍🍳

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes at 370
WW SmartPoints: 2 sp (but can change depending on the type of cheese you use)

1. 🍤SHRIMP: Pick up some of that shrimp cocktail (pre-cooked shrimp) at the market, but get the pack that doesn’t come with the cocktail sauce.
2. 🍅SAUCE: Can of Diced Tomatoes, but you’ll only need 1 cup
3. 🧀CHEESE: I used 1 oz of Trader Joe’s Light Mozzarella but any cheese will do

1. Spray small baking pan with Canola Oil Spray or similar kind of spray.
2. Preheat pan in air fryer for a few minutes at 370 while you prep everything else.
3. Cut Tails off cold, cooked shrimp. Measure out 3 oz serving.
4. Have cheese & 1 cup of diced ready.
5. Take basket with pan out of air fryer
6. Add shrimp to the bottom of pan.
7. Pour diced tomatoes on top and mix a little bit so the shrimp are immersed.
8. Add cheese to top of mixture.
9. Bake at 370 for approximately 5 minutes, but depending on your unit, check after 3 minutes. Mine took 5 minutes at approximately 370 (not sure as the dial is hard to read). I have a Farberware one that is cooking beautifully.

💠Optional: You could add seasonings to the diced tomatoes or some small veggies, but this is small pan and it will affect the cooking time. If you want to add more veggies, I recommend cooking them in the air fryer with the diced tomatoes for a few minutes before adding the shrimp & cheese. The shrimp is already cooked so you are in essense, warming it up to make a mini-shrimp ‘parmesan’ .

Enjoy immediately! ♨️Totally QUICK, EASY, and DELISH!♨️

👩‍🍳Could this be done in a toaster oven? Yes. I have done something similar before, but I usually over do the cheese or overcook the shrimp. This came out signifcantly better for me in the air fryer and somehow, it tastes more flavorful!!!!!

I love this Farberware 3.2 quart model, butI need a digital readout, stat!!!!
I am managing as you have to check things anyway, just like any other cooking.
I am already researching larger units, but I will be keeping this one as I think 2 may be better than one anyway!

Small baking dish is Wilton brand and was purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $4.99.


Oh, so, juicy!!!! OMG!

Air Fryer Nirvana: JUICY filet mignon & JUICY Cornish Hens

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! 🔴LIfe-Changing JUICY filet mignon & Life-Changing JUICY Cornish Hens 🔴 made separately in my little 3.2 quart Farberware Air Fryer?

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! Why?  Because the air fryer made these meats better than I ever have!!! 

(4 Recipes at bottom of post)

👍My previous air frying recipes this week didn’t prepare my family, or me, for the beyond-juicy & tasty-deliciousness we encountered with tonight’s meal!  I am not sure words can do these home-cooked meals justice, but here it goes:

🍽I made filet mignon in my air fryer and it is probably the best steak I have made all year.  Almost no gristle and each bite was tender & overflowing with juices.  I served it with my air fryer hash browns and air fryer carrot chips.

🍗Then, I made 2 Cornish Hens (in separate batches) and they were both the juiciest and most delicious chickens I have ever had in my own home.  The skin was completely crispy on the outside and again, overflowing with juices in the inside.  It was BETTER than the 2 rotisserie chickens I buy every week.

🔴I said, “this air fryer thing is game-changing!”🔴

But it was one of my daughters who said, 

“NO, MOM, these dinners are LIFE-CHANGING!!  They are just so amazing!”  

She’s right because the road to better meals at home 

just made a sharp turn into Tasteville, USA and we are never going back.

😉I am not a chef.  I only want to cook easy, quick things that taste delicious.  I love a good gourmet meal like anyone else, but I have 3 kids and an unofficial degree in short-order cooking. I joined Weight Watchers last year and I’ve lost -47 pounds and my journey to healthier, smarter eating is on a straight path to goal & maintainence.  The ability to cook something insanely delicious like this has me so very excited for all the future possiblities.


I am also including the recipes for the 🥔Hash Brown/Potato Pancakes as they were a delicious side dish and could be used for breakfast or dinner.  The 🥕carrot chips still need work, but I am including my recipe, but am open to any ideas you may have on how to make them better (just list in the comments below).  Making the carrot ships was a nice way for me to eat a bunch of carrots.

👩‍🍳Here are my oh-so-simple recipes:

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4 Eggs Get the Air Fryer Test

Air Fryer “Eggs”periment: 4 Eggs Put To The Test 🍳

Here’s a bit about my Air Fryer “Eggs”periment!🍳

4 eggs put to the test in my new Farberware Air Fryer!  I think it is important to learn the basics of a new appliance before you branch out and try something fancy with it.  I am also on a mission to see if air fryers really live up to all the hype. Experimenting with all different kind of foods will tell me if this appliance will just be another gadget to me or will I not remember how I lived without it!

🥚Quick & Painless Eggs🥚

  1. Add Eggs to silicone egg cups
  2. 4-6 minutes at 400
  3. No oil!

👩‍🍳I feel that the 1 scrambled egg was the best, but all the eggs were so good! The baking cups crisp up the edges of the scambled the most. (always adjust cooking time to your particular machine).

The other eggs were: 1 oz egg whites, 1 oz egg whites with chives and red onions, 1 regular egg cracked directly into the silicone cup.

The air fryer seems like a great way to cook fresh food for a picky group of eaters. Egg cups can be made in a muffin tin in a regular oven, of course, but this was a fun ‘egg’speriment just in case you do not want to go to the trouble of turning the oven on.

✅I am starting to really like my air fryer. If this keeps up, I might be making plans to upgrade to a larger size so I can make more in each batch, but this size just might be enough…but I am glad I am ‘experimenting’ in this smaller one because clean up is quick & easy, like these eggs. 👍😊

Look for more Air Fryer Posts soon!  I am getting totally addicted to seeing what I can cook quickly & with a little extra crisp!  I am ‘egg’ceptionally pleased (pun intended) with these results.

Chicken Cutlets for Newbie Air Fryers

Juicy Air Fried Chicken Cutlets: I Am Such A Newbie!

Oh, I am such an air fryer newbie!!! 😜

I decided to start with something simple, like chicken cutlets. 🍗

(Recipe at bottom)

My new kitchen air fryer gadget was all ready for use, and I felt some trepidation about starting all over with a new way to cook.

Click Here to read about my new Farberware air fryer

After all, I am not a natural cook and have pushed myself over the past few years to learn how to actually cook because I have 3 kids who need to eat, too. I knew take out wasn’t great for them, but we needed more variety so I had to increase my recipe repertoire. Soooo…since January, 2016, my Weight Watchers weight loss journey has encouraged me to take chances in the kitchen so I can know exactly what I am eating when I am home. I cook more now, than I have ever cooked in my life, but I am by no means a chef.

❤️But, I LOVE TO EAT!😍

Chicken Cutlets have always been my downfall because I always overdo them or undercook them whether it is on the cooktop, oven, toaster oven, or microwave, so I was excited to see if an air fryer could change my luck…and it did!

👍Yes! I made some thinly sliced chicken cutlets two ways & both came out juicy and delicious. 👍We enjoyed the ones brushed with canola oil, more than the ones without, but both were delish! 👍

Here’s the simple recipe:

🔹Easy-Peasy Air Fried Chicken Cutlets🔹

Cook Time: 10 minutes (adjust for your own unit)


  • 2 thin cutlets (5.5 oz total)
  • seasonings of your choice (I used onion powders, garlic powders, and paprika)
  • canola oil, 1 teaspoon (can work for 4 cutlets as well, but I used it all on the two)
  • basting brush is useful


  1. Preheat Air Fryer to 360.
  2. With Oil: Prepare chicken cutlets by brushing both sides with 1 tsp canola oil & then add the seasonings of your choice. I used my favorites: garlic powder, onion powder, & paprika. That’s it!
  3. Take basket out of air fryer and spray with non-stick or canola oil spray so the cutlets do not stick.
  4. Gently lay 2 cutlets into basket
  5. Cook for approx. 10 minutes or until cooked.
  6. Omitting the oil doesn’t change the cook time.

🍗😊Enjoy perfectly juicy chicken cutlets! Total Yum!

Note:  Spray Oils can work well and can save you calories/SmartPoints, but I really like to measure my oils out when I can.  I also think that with chicken, I get more flavor when I use actual oil vs. the spray.

👩‍🍳SmartPoints Info: 3 sp for two 5.5 ounce chicken cutlets with 1 tsp of canola oil or 2 sp for the same cutlets without the oil. Always put your own ingredients into the recipe builder on the app for accuracy & then you can save your individual recipe.

Nom Nom! I am so thrilled to finally have something that can help me make juicy chicken cutlets, a lean meat and high in protein!  Just love them, but never mastered them, until now!

Will I use it more than my ovens?  Time will tell. I will use it for Chicken cutlets though!

Air Fryer Appliance Review for Farberware Oil-Less Fryer

Air Fryers Are Easy Bake Ovens For Adults

👩‍🍳I am now a proud member of the air-fryers of the world!

3/18/17 EDIT:  I am now the proud owner of 2 air fryers! Both Farberware.  I bought the larger version of this which has a digital screen.  I plan to write a review very soon after I have used it for a little longer.  It is cooking great, just like this one.

Today, I got to know my new toy, I mean, gadget, I mean appliance.

😂Air Frying feels like an Easy Bake Oven for Grown ups.😂

-Miss Mindful Sparkles


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Walt Disney World Visual Snack Guide

Disney World Visual Snack Guide

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Or a thousand calories.

Or a thousand SmartPoints!

I am a visual person, so having pictures saved in the photos app on my phone helps me quickly see and access a snack I might come across.  Also, things change all the time in the wild world of packaged foods, so always double check the current point value and portions of whatever snack you pick up while in ‘the World’.

This post focuses exclusively on Weight Watchers SmartPoints Values for snacks and foods found in Disney World gift shops that contain nutrition information on the packaging.  When I am in Disney, I am always on a never-ending treasure hunt for the latest and greatest Disney treats. Knowing your options is key to managing your weight & data is power, so the more I know, the better I can plan around my preferred indulgence.  Disney does not publish too much about the exact caloric content of their restaurants, so I usually guesstimate those like I would at any restaurant.  I will cover other food on Disney properties in other posts.

I will do additional snack guide posts as I analyze other snacks found on my annual trip.

Click on an image below to see it in a larger format, and if that isn’t big enough, just click on the text in the lower right hand corner that says, “View Full Size”.  You can usually save any photo by right clicking on your mouse or using ‘buttons’ on your mobile device (you can always goggle how to save a picture for your specific device).

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How to navigate a cruise ship or any buffet

Tips for the Cruise Ship or any Buffet Meal

There are many strategies for buffets & having a plan can give you a wonderful tool to navigate. Cruise ships are a little different because unlike a restaurant at home, this one is readily available almost all day long!

⭐️⭐️Remind yourself that just like at home, PORTION control is key to success!⭐️⭐️

⚓️🍴1.  Consider how many days you are onboard the ship. Why?  So you can take a moment to consider how many times you may eat in the buffet area vs. the main dining room or other places onboard the ship. Then, you can pace yourself & remind yourself that you’ll have ample opportunity to try the various offerings over the course of your cruise. Many items are repeated daily. Simply ask someone who works in that restaurant what food is served when. The first day, when you board is a good time to do this.

⚓️🍴2.  Bring some fruit back to your room from the buffet. There are usually whole fruits like apples & bananas that you could keep for a quick snack.

⚓️🍴3.  Earn some steps while you eat by only getting one course at a time. Start with your salad & then go back for your main course, then a piece of bread, then dessert, etc. Remind yourself that you do not need everything at one time.

⚓️🍴4.  Pretend it is a wedding buffet and just take a spoonful of everything. You can track those blt’s (bite, taste, licks).

⚓️🍴5.  Start with a small portion of the item you are trying. You can always go back to get more if you think it is really worth it. This is especially true with the beautifully presented desserts (which are always as good they look).

⚓️🍴6.  I like to utilize my two-bite policy while onboard. Why?  Because two bites might be all you really need.

⚓️🍴7.  Take a quick photo of your plate so you can track it later with your best guestimate.

⚓️🍴8.  Try to make a balanced plate!  A bit of salad, a bit of protein, some veggies or fruit. It is nice & easy because you didn’t have to shop for it or prepare it!

⚓️🍴9.  If there is a particular food you need or have a dietary concern, talk to the buffet manager (or dining manager) on day 1 when you board to see what special arrangements can be made. The cruiseships can accommodate many requests, but not everything. It also means that you may just need to wait or be patient or come at an off-time depending on what your requests are.

⚓️🍴10.  Generally, it is more relaxing to eat in a restaurant onboard like the main dining room or a specialty restaurant or even order room service. Also, letting someone else get your food helps with portion control (although the waiters will bring you as much as you want).

🛳⚓️⭐️Extra tips:⭐️⚓️🛳

Wash your hands after getting your food & touching all the tongs.  They’ll offer you antibacterial when you enter, but a quick wash (or more purell) post-food gathering is a good idea

If you are traveling with others, alternate having one person go get the table, especially at peak times when tables are at a premium

Be mindful & take it your beautiful views while you eat. Savor the moment, not just the food

😊Hope some of this helps out when you are faced with several days of knowing the buffet is just a few steps away! 🍎🍴

👉👉Please share some of your best cruise buffet or buffet tips in the comments below. 👈👈👈

Beat The Post Vacation Blahs by Reliving your Vacation after you are home

Beat the Post-Vacation Blahs

Let’s talk about beating the post-vacation blahs……or rather, this is about the ‘post-event’ blues or ‘post-vacation’ blues…or post wedding blues…could even be the post ‘new years’ blues because when there is so much excitement around an event, there is bound to be a let-down period. Going away in February is, of course, a great way to beat the Winter Blahs, but I think having an overall How-To-Beat-the-Blahs strategy is a great idea in general….any time of year!  I am all about having strategies for dealing with my life mindfully vs. using food to handle things mindlessly.

I just got back from a week in Disney World and I am sharing what I do to get over my Disney / Vacation blues. Please share how you get yourself back up after a trip or a big event.

So, I get back from Disney or a Cruise or any vacation at all…..

…what do I do to Beat the Blahs?  Here’s a short list:

  1. 📆I try to pick a date for the next vacation…immediately. Why? Because that way, I immediately have something to look forward to!
  2. 📸I download the photos and try to use them for fun…maybe I email them to family or plan for a holiday card or make them a screensaver or order a mug with a photo on them, or (gasp) have 1 printed from Shutterfly so I can actually frame it and enjoy the real deal!
  3. 🎁I figure out how I will use any souvenirs I have brought back with me. Maybe it is a pad of paper with the logo of somewhere? I will start using it right away. Maybe it is a pen? I might put it near the phone where I know I will use it or put it in my purse. Maybe it is a snack or some coffee beans? I will make sure I eat / drink the item sometime within the first week back home.
  4. ⏰I give myself a week to acclimate to life post-vacation. This way, I do not feel too rushed to unpack and run back into my routines. I try to start with the laundry and go from there. It feels less overwhelming that way. I used to try to get it all away within a day, but it would exhaust me and ruin that post-vacation happy feeling.
  5. ☎️☕️Relive the vacation by sharing the experience with friends over coffee or by working on a digital photo album or calling someone who would share my glee over my travels.
  6. 😎When I plan a vacation, I try to build in 1-2 days of recovery time…as in, if we have a whole week, I will not be away the entire 9 days, I will make sure we are back on a Friday, so we have the weekend to recover….or if it is a shorter time span, I would rather come back after 3 days and know that everyone has at least one full day to sleep in and ease back into life than spend every last moment at my destination and then head back to work or school. It is too much and that doesn’t help the vacation blues at all.

  7.  🤗Be grateful. Whenever I take the time to focus on the fact that we can get away at all, I feel nothing by thankful and grateful. It is hard to be too mopey, when you are counting your blessings. I try to drill this home to the kids as much as I can.

Having a plan to beat the Blahs is key to not letting yourself get swept up into emotions or get too mopey. I eat more when I am mopey, so I have to be super-mindful post-vacations.

But I went away during this hard month of February, so no Blahs in Disney World. I will float on the memories as much as I can. The sunshine was wonderful! Wearing short sleeves was great, too!  We do what we can to fight the mopey feelings…instead of eating the emotions.

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