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Oh, so, juicy!!!! OMG!

Air Fryer Nirvana: JUICY filet mignon & JUICY Cornish Hens

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! 🔴LIfe-Changing JUICY filet mignon & Life-Changing JUICY Cornish Hens 🔴 made separately in my little 3.2 quart Farberware Air Fryer?

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! Why?  Because the air fryer made these meats better than I ever have!!! 

(4 Recipes at bottom of post)

👍My previous air frying recipes this week didn’t prepare my family, or me, for the beyond-juicy & tasty-deliciousness we encountered with tonight’s meal!  I am not sure words can do these home-cooked meals justice, but here it goes:

🍽I made filet mignon in my air fryer and it is probably the best steak I have made all year.  Almost no gristle and each bite was tender & overflowing with juices.  I served it with my air fryer hash browns and air fryer carrot chips.

🍗Then, I made 2 Cornish Hens (in separate batches) and they were both the juiciest and most delicious chickens I have ever had in my own home.  The skin was completely crispy on the outside and again, overflowing with juices in the inside.  It was BETTER than the 2 rotisserie chickens I buy every week.

🔴I said, “this air fryer thing is game-changing!”🔴

But it was one of my daughters who said, 

“NO, MOM, these dinners are LIFE-CHANGING!!  They are just so amazing!”  

She’s right because the road to better meals at home 

just made a sharp turn into Tasteville, USA and we are never going back.

😉I am not a chef.  I only want to cook easy, quick things that taste delicious.  I love a good gourmet meal like anyone else, but I have 3 kids and an unofficial degree in short-order cooking. I joined Weight Watchers last year and I’ve lost -47 pounds and my journey to healthier, smarter eating is on a straight path to goal & maintainence.  The ability to cook something insanely delicious like this has me so very excited for all the future possiblities.


I am also including the recipes for the 🥔Hash Brown/Potato Pancakes as they were a delicious side dish and could be used for breakfast or dinner.  The 🥕carrot chips still need work, but I am including my recipe, but am open to any ideas you may have on how to make them better (just list in the comments below).  Making the carrot ships was a nice way for me to eat a bunch of carrots.

👩‍🍳Here are my oh-so-simple recipes:

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