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2019 Planning Calendars

2019 Planning Calendars – It’s never to soon to plan and never too late to start! What do you want to accomplish in 2019? Can you ‘rinse & repeat’ or is it time to re-evaluate?

Fantastic 40 Day Fall Fix Challenge

40 Day Fall Fix: Challenge Yourself To Change or Create a Habit in 40 days

40 Day Fall Fix: Challenge Yourself To Change or Create a Habit in 40 days. Click here for a free tracking grid! 🍁A virtual challenge is where you pick something you want to work on for set period of time, set a goal, & choose a reward for yourself. Here are some participation options:

What Makes a Goal Smart

What makes a goal SMART?

What makes a goal SMART? Just wanted to share some goal setting thoughts as many of us prepare for the #90DaySummerSizzle Challenge. 🔥🔥🔥  I increase


90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge 🔥🔥🔥

Looking for extra motivation to stay on track this summer? Consider committing to a personal challenge such as this 90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge. Here are links to 2 printable…

Have a Post-Vacation Food Plan for Getting Back on Track

Pre-planning out a few food details before I went on vacation for helped me get right back on track after I returned home! This post has a few tips for creating a great re-entry plan…

De-Stress Kit

De-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to Soothe & Calm

De-Stress / Anti-Stress Kit: Create a Personal Box of Items to soothe and calm yourself in times of emotional frustration or stress.  I was inspired after a recent Weight Watchers meeting on Emotional Eating.  The best takeaway idea was to create a bag or kit of things to keep yourself busy and distracted in times when you’d prefer to be eating your frustrations instead. Being mindful of our needs during an emotional moment is key to staying on track. 

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