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2019 Planning Calendars

2019 Planning Calendars – It’s never to soon to plan and never too late to start! What do you want to accomplish in 2019? Can you ‘rinse & repeat’ or is it time to re-evaluate?

Fantastic 40 Day Fall Fix Challenge

40 Day Fall Fix: Challenge Yourself To Change or Create a Habit in 40 days

40 Day Fall Fix: Challenge Yourself To Change or Create a Habit in 40 days. Click here for a free tracking grid! 🍁A virtual challenge is where you pick something you want to work on for set period of time, set a goal, & choose a reward for yourself. Here are some participation options:


90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge 🔥🔥🔥

Looking for extra motivation to stay on track this summer? Consider committing to a personal challenge such as this 90 Day Summer Sizzle Challenge. Here are links to 2 printable…

Have a Post-Vacation Food Plan for Getting Back on Track

Pre-planning out a few food details before I went on vacation for helped me get right back on track after I returned home! This post has a few tips for creating a great re-entry plan…

Ode to a Blank Grid

Ode to a Blank Grid: A Fun & Mindful Way to Track Goals 📊📈📉

📊📈📉 Blank Grids + Pic Collage (or any collage app) = Fun & Mindful Way to Track Goals. Blank Jpg Pictures are at the Bottom of this post. 😉 The following is my playful attempt at Organizational Planning Poetry: