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Amazing Air Fryer Asparagus

🌱Amazing Air Fryer Asparagus!

FINALLY! I have found a way to make asparagus in my air fryer!!!! (And not kill it!)

▪️I used about a half cup of asparagus (0sp)
▪️Sprayed the air fryer bottom of basket with olive oil spray
▪️Sprayed the asparagus with olive oil.
▪️6 minutes at 360 in the air fryer. No tossing.
YUM! They were crisp and lightly browned on the outside. Completely cooked, but not wilted.

Sirloin steak (3oz for 3sp) was done at 390 for 9 minutes after being brushed with olive oil. Check out how I made filet mignon in my Air Fryer Nirvana post.

I gave myself 1sp for the oil used. It is 1sp per tsp of olive oil….and even though my amount may not have added up to that point, I tend to err on the side of tracking that point anyway.

So, 4sp and about 10-20 minutes to a grear dinner. I made this steak yesterday & reheated it for 40 seconds on high in my microwave while the asparagus finished cooking, so only 10 minutes to my filling dinner!!!

Some Green Notes:
🌱Thicker Asparagus are better than skinny ones.
🌱Make sure they are washed and dry.
🌱One layer is best because you will NOT need to shake or toss during cooking time. But you CAN do a larger batch, but you’ll need a longer cooking time of 9-15 minutes depending on your machine.
🌱Always calculate your own SmartPoints/Calories based on the ingredients you use & adjust time and temp to your own machine.
🌱Oven cooking takes more time and tastes different to me (not better just different). I will still make these in the oven when I have 40 minutes at 400 to roast them (because I like them that way, too), but some nights, speedy is better!! YAY! I usually steam them when I am in a hurry, but not tonight!

😊👍6 minutes works for me! I am the only asparagus eater in the house. Faster than the 40 in my oven.

Amazing Air Fryer Asparagus

Amazing Air Fryer Asparagus

🌱Many asparagus were sacrificed over the past few weeks to make this discovery possible. 🌱

Air fryer beef tips

10 Minute Air Fryer Beef Tips & Steamed Broccoli

Just a quick post for a quick meal!

Sometimes, you just want something filling, quick, and delicious!  How’s 10 minutes or less until a hot dinner sound to you?

🔹Air Fryer Beef Round Tips with onions🔹

▪️Prep Time: 3 minutes
▪️Cook Time: 8-10 minutes at 360
▪️Serves: 4
▪️SmartPoints: 5sp per serving (but always calculate your own in the Weight Watchers Recipe builder based on the ingredients you use)


  • 1 pound of uncooked top round beef cubes (but you can really use any cubed beef)
  • 1 tablespoon Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 diced yellow onions
  • 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil

1. Spray bottom of air fryer with olive oil spray
2. Tenderize beef cubes (I usually do this in a plastic bag or under some plastic wrap) You can choose to cut them smaller depending on how you purchased them.
3. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until throughly combined.
4. Toss into air fryer and spread them out nicely.
5. Bake at 360 for 8-10 minutes. Time can vary based on your machine & how well you want the meat cooked. We like Medium Rare.
6. Enjoy! I like to serve meat with a steamed vegetable such as Steamfresh’s broccoli.

Divide into 4 servings.

The beauty of the air fryer is that you get so much flavor from the 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil. Also, I seem to be getting very consistent results instead of the varied results when I grill things myself. Cleaning the air fryer seems to go very fast. Sometimes, I do put a little dawn and water in the pot and let it soak before cleaning, but all in all, it has been quick and wonderful!!!


Oh, so, juicy!!!! OMG!

Air Fryer Nirvana: JUICY filet mignon & JUICY Cornish Hens

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! 🔴LIfe-Changing JUICY filet mignon & Life-Changing JUICY Cornish Hens 🔴 made separately in my little 3.2 quart Farberware Air Fryer?

Hello, Air Fryer Nirvana! Why?  Because the air fryer made these meats better than I ever have!!! 

(4 Recipes at bottom of post)

👍My previous air frying recipes this week didn’t prepare my family, or me, for the beyond-juicy & tasty-deliciousness we encountered with tonight’s meal!  I am not sure words can do these home-cooked meals justice, but here it goes:

🍽I made filet mignon in my air fryer and it is probably the best steak I have made all year.  Almost no gristle and each bite was tender & overflowing with juices.  I served it with my air fryer hash browns and air fryer carrot chips.

🍗Then, I made 2 Cornish Hens (in separate batches) and they were both the juiciest and most delicious chickens I have ever had in my own home.  The skin was completely crispy on the outside and again, overflowing with juices in the inside.  It was BETTER than the 2 rotisserie chickens I buy every week.

🔴I said, “this air fryer thing is game-changing!”🔴

But it was one of my daughters who said, 

“NO, MOM, these dinners are LIFE-CHANGING!!  They are just so amazing!”  

She’s right because the road to better meals at home 

just made a sharp turn into Tasteville, USA and we are never going back.

😉I am not a chef.  I only want to cook easy, quick things that taste delicious.  I love a good gourmet meal like anyone else, but I have 3 kids and an unofficial degree in short-order cooking. I joined Weight Watchers last year and I’ve lost -47 pounds and my journey to healthier, smarter eating is on a straight path to goal & maintainence.  The ability to cook something insanely delicious like this has me so very excited for all the future possiblities.


I am also including the recipes for the 🥔Hash Brown/Potato Pancakes as they were a delicious side dish and could be used for breakfast or dinner.  The 🥕carrot chips still need work, but I am including my recipe, but am open to any ideas you may have on how to make them better (just list in the comments below).  Making the carrot ships was a nice way for me to eat a bunch of carrots.

👩‍🍳Here are my oh-so-simple recipes:

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