Challenge 10 of 61: High Watt Squat Challenge

Challenge 10 of 61: High-Watt Squat Challenge:  Do 5 Squats a Day

Challenge 10 of 61: High-Watt Squat Challenge: Do 5 Squats a Day (or more) We all need to sit…and then we all need to get up and out of the chair. We all drop things and then, we all need to squat down and pick them up. Squatting may not seem that important, but it is an essential physical move that your body needs to just go about your daily activities.

Challenge 6 of 61 QuickPicks 3 Goals Featured Image MindfulSparkles com

Weekly Challenge 6 of 61: Short Month, Quick Picks:  Select 3 Small Goals for this week or month

February is only 28 days, choose 3 mini-goals that you can 100% completely crush this month and list a one-sentence mini-action plan as to HOW you will crush them. The beginning of a month is the best time to set yourself up for success. Goals can be long term or short term. The 28 days in February inspired me to make this a month to crush some short term goals.